A Poem by A.T.

11/23/2008 08:06:00 PMBriana Latrise

I had a dream I met this girl called love. she sed 'iont like 2 party iont go 2 da club.' I askd her if I made a wish if she wuld make it come tru. she sed 'how u think I came 2 find u?' we both laughed. she took ma heart & held it close in her sleep. the ice melted away & it started 2 beat. blood rushed thru ma veins & I started 2 weep. there's no comparison 2 feelin complete. she had my attention. she taught me how 2 trust again. she took away that part of me dat lyk'd 2 lust and pretend. & when... she sed 'I love u' & I culdnt give in. she took ma hand & sed 'I'm here til the end' I sed 'ur way too kind. fixin a heart like mine's a waste of ur tym. cuz one day u'll fade away. and u'll b harder 2 find.' she sed 'if I ever leave u keep my mem'ry in mind. love urself and u'll b just fine.'.... that's when I woke up....

***I asked him why he keeps dreaming bout me tho... :D

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