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2/21/2009 06:34:00 AMBriana Latrise

WTF is wrong with me???!!!!!

Oh!!!! OK so check my day out right:

Had an appt. on the EAST SIDE at 8 and a half in the a.m. Left the studio stupid late the night before. Almost didn't make it... Traffic, cigarettes, fatigue... b*s* Finally got there. Got tested for HIV and some mo*ish.... LONGEST/MOST STRESSFUL WAIT TIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm sooooo good. Ha.
I had to be at a wedding in INGLEWOOD at 1:45.
I pull the dopest 5 minutes transformation in my history: Shower, dress (IN ACTUAL "DRESS" CLOTHES! BE PROUD.), hair (sort of), and blah blah blah....
Heels too.
Cream Rock & Rebublic heels. I don't know how else to describe them... I hate them. They tried to hurt me. See... I thought I was fly till I got halfway through my hike from my stupid parking space at the swap meet down the street. On any given day I do that walk fifteen times in my flats wit no sweat. HEELS.... shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I almost quit.

I get up to the damn court house all sweaty and shit cause it's like 80 f*in billions degrees in LA for no f*in reason in February.... and these (bleepin bleepers) aren't even there! So because I'm a noid from space, I assume they were just pullin' my chain. "They playin". I call... all extra after the fact... It's all drama on their end.

Groom beats up best man on some low budget black movie shit. I mean ish.
Best Man's face looks like ELephant Man when I pull up feelin all fly and free cause CH told me to chill in a song he didn't realize he wrote for me... and I got flip flops on (would love house shoes instead but I'm that broke!) so, my feet are free...

The bride looks like- actually, I cannot find words to describe what she appeared to be goin thru.

Anyway... We blow the bad energy away... until
I leave.

I get home and finish the ill ass piece I haven't posted on my blog yet because I feel that out of all two of you peepers... No one gets it. It's cool tho. It's still Love. That's y we do this right? Pour L'amour. All day, Son!

oh right: I go out to my car... hop in... pull off and it hits me. My fuckin tire is hella flat! FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT
Instantly HOT!
I thnk back to all the tires I slashed in my baby days.... they deserved that shit. What did I do? lol.
Real Talk. I'm so F*in NICE!!!! SO FUCKING NICE! Half you bastard ass bastards that like to serve up sugary sweet bullshit like I can't see u still owe me some kinda love for your photos. I am ALL about the barter system selfish prickz! See! I'm nice! I barter!
Anyway... I have a spare... I can change I tire.... or so I thought. Couldn't get the damn Jack to JACK... Couldn't get the nutz off. I'm slow if you can't tell... so after I stop bein little LEO I call AAA HELP.
Twenty minutes later they call to say they're here.
Mr. tow truck speaks 6 english words... I live in a rat maze- he got lost. I can't blame him. I get lost too when I'm not looking.
Problem: He needs directions. As I struggle on the phone, this BIG STUPID UGLY BLU ESCALADE PULLS down my street trynna get into my parkin space since I'm jerkish and I left my shit in the middle of the street. (I was hurt. I needed to get to Charles Hamilton's show!) She asks me (wit a stank nasty East Side trash attitude if I'm gon' move. I'm on the phone so I shake my head no. She puts the car in park.... BLACK BITCHES. She asks if she can get in the space. I calmly state that I'm about to park there. She says you not goin anywhere.. pointin at my car. I'm already mad ppl! Y? Y does the devil play these games with my emotions? I wanted to throw the tire iron through her windshielf for being such a stank ass selfish stingy bitch. And for her cheap ass weave. It was greasy lookin.
Instead, I paused... U know I'm slow motion... I thought about it and though it better to stay on the phone with this headache in progress.
Now she's mad cause she sees that she deserves no attention from the likes of me, ever. So, she squawked some shit like "you need to watch who u talkin to" or some other lame ass ghetto default mechanism... (that I've prob been guilty of too... but f*k her shit!) Anyhoosher... I ignore her again and she's "like you ain't have to say it wit an attitude!" a little louder this time... cause stupid bitches don't know bout the selective audio receptive options...
I'm now extremely annoyed. I don't remember what EXACTLY was said... I just know that she said something bout her not bein in the mood... I'm really wantin to turn into the kick ass super hero/villian you've never heard and hit her truck wit somethin like a flame thrower but God knows how many children she'll leave for CPS to round up once she's out of my universal bubble. Everything happens for a reason. I used to not understand why I was 5051ed at 15... or why restrictions apply when it comes to me and legal firearm purchases.... but I get it now. Because if I made it on the streets wit a loaded fire arm for more than 8 hours... oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh weeeeeeeeeeee.... yeah. Sorry... carried that one away...
Bringin it back: I tell her no one's the the fuckin mood. Find somewhere to park. Bye. And I turn my back on her. My fault: I underestimate LA Bitches. I really thought she would be woman enough to either call me out or go away. Ya dig it? No she walks up on me hella slow like she finna talk shit... and when i start talkin to the toe truck guy again the bitch fires on me. I was so caught off guard. I just smiled like fuck. I know I deserve this for something I did somewhere in these lives of mine. But damn. Oh... and so for those of you who don't know.... My equilibrium is a little fucked off. I don't know why. Could be many things... it's been like this since I started smoking.... oh
Her first connect knocked me back since I wasn't expecting SHIT. I promise I don't know what kinda shit I was on but I really wasn't payin her no mind... yet I could feel her coming and I looked her in hr face right before she connected. I was HOT! My phone flew and that was all i could think about. To be honest... I was so serious about this show that I felt I NEEDED to be at, that I screamed WAIT! and lunged after my phone. I actually dove for it. In mid dive... this stank bitch pulls my hair the opposite way. Picture this. Please. I'm flying to the ground intentionally... she's still attacking me... lol. She kicked me in my mouth BLUD! My face tho. It makes sense. I saw that evil in her face. She my stank ass neighbor. She mad cause I paint a lot and I walk around wit paint on my clothes and hands, brushed and pencils in my hair, and I make little sense to the dense when I talk but her man eyeballs me when she does. Let me stop.
Point: I let this bitch "kick my ass" for you Music. I didn't want to go to prison or Hell... without seeing if you were real. Verdict: TBD. (still doin my research.)

In retrospect, If I was her... I prob would have done the same thing. I'm guessing her life sucks and it completely made her day to sucka punch someone who was already down. She prob called all her little hood rats boostin bitches. She tried to make me ugly... but she can't see that beauty is only skin deep. She hurt my pride more than anything else. I have a scrap on my knee (my own doing... lol...) and She did make my lips swell up since my teeth punctures them a bit. But I was soooooo fuckin mad at the fact that she kicked me in the face and there was nothing to show for it. the bruise is so cute. My lips were hella pouty last night. Thank u Bitch.
See! She knows what's up wit the barter system. I get the effects of Botulinum toxin and she gets to go masterbate at the thought of touching me. Bitch. Her niggas in the shower wishin I was her.

[I have digressed by the way. ATTN span now that of a peanut. Is it sleep deprivation? Fatigue? Vitamin deficiencies? Or this nasty obsession I have wit my SUG's energy. I play him non-stop. I'm sick. No, like really sick. I think I need to seek professional assistance. Or Sug. Maybe i just need to get high on you forever. Will you let me do that? Will you forever stay you? Damn, I love you and it's platonic. Unusual. So Nonessential. Now you'll be in my dreams for many moons to come. And I only met you here yesterday. But I do believe that we've met before. In another world, maybe another time/life, before... Am I crazy? ]


CORRECTION: It's 80 f*in billion degrees here because that thick ass chunky layer of brown toxic fog just kinda posts up in these valleys ya dig. Green House gases or something... I'm not as smart as I think u are.

and I still ain't been to sleep yet

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  1. I dropped my bottle of water whilst reading this (good thing the lid was on lol). Then I realised I like you. Real Talk. Do You!


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