Wow... found this one on the phone wit my boo bear... (I'm so f*in lame 4 that...lol)

2/26/2009 05:45:00 PMBriana Latrise

The things we do for the love of a man,
When we feel appreciation and adoration are necessities,
Pretending to be someone outside of the self we already pretend to be.
Trying to hold onto & hide the emotions...
"Just until he marries me"
The many masks worn, while the hunt is on.
& The tears cried while we wait on hold.
It all feels empty.

Love is of God,
But I tried to erase that memory.
Love is of self,
[When the one is positive]
But it's so difficult to achieve,
When the baggage you carry,
Rests on your sleeve.

*Fathers, Love yourselves.
*Mothers! Love yourselves enough to love your babies. Your job is to nurture. Please do it.

(Side note: If you think you're a great parent... you probably suck at it. Go harder.)

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