3/29/2009 08:49:00 PMBriana Latrise

Am I a super spoiled brat because I'm completely bored/irritated/in desperate need of stimulation sitting against the wall at my dude's "friend of a friend's" place in Harlem while we wait for one of these dick weed- excuse me, one of these a*holes who drove to get ready to take us the f* home. Yeah... Right about now, all that elevated, higher living stuff I was feeling earlier is out the window. Reality is kickin my head in remindin' me that we will NOT again be alone in the house until who knows when and that really burns my bridges. Well... At least my dude looks content. I guess I should try to give off a content vibe too??? Naw. Pretending is just too hard right now. At least if I was high I could zone... It's whatever fuck it. Maybe I am spoiled. So what. I'm bout to call a cab. Hope I have enough...

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  1. Friend of DemevolistApril 1, 2009 at 5:31 PM

    So I heard Chuck got engaged or whatever but man I musta had my expectations too high. Damn Chuck, U couldn't cuff one of those crackheads bitches on the eastside?? Had to go outside ur turf for the same shit....Cali to be exact for the same shit?! Niggaz is in a recession B u coulda saved the plane fare. She deadass airing ur niggaz out like they cool like that, wild disrespectful. U musta drugged ma man or supm cuz this shit is crazy. That shit don't fly in Harlem, keep talkin shit....


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