For The "Babies"...

3/31/2009 06:42:00 PMBriana Latrise

By babies I mean young people. (I'm a baby too... but I like to think I'm grown.)

Now I had a young man share a disturbingly familiar story with me today. So... for him:

As a teenager, life seems so VERY difficult. & at times it really is. Now when I was a younger teenager... I was kicked out of my mother's house on a regular. Now that I am grown I kinda understand where my young mother was coming from... she was giving up on me. I had a smart ass mouth, a drug problem I couldn't kick, and absolute disrespect for ALL authority. She was fed up. That's not to say she was the perfect mother.... she had her issues too that I'm not going to get into. Seriously... I'm not gon' do her like that today. lmao...

She would kick me out for every and anything she felt she could... example: "Briana, you left a bowl in the sink... Get out!", "Briana, you came home 2 minutes late... GET OUT!", "Briana, I'm sick of looking at you... GET OUT". That last one was more common than the rest. Long story short... we had a rough run. A VERY ROUGH RUN.

There were times that I felt she loved her men (she wasn't a hoe... she just made many mistakes) more than me. I felt she didn't love me at all. I KNEW she didn't like me because she would tell me daily...

Now... I said all that to say this:

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger when you learn from it.

So, to my newest little brother J:
Stay up hun. Don't let the little shit get to you. If you take it from someone who went about it the wrong way, (as wise people do) you'll win. In 2 years you'll be 18 and you can go do anything you want. GO TO SCHOOL! Fuck the dumb shit. GO TO SCHOOL. You can get into school if you really want to. In 2002 my mother refused to register me for school... I didn't go back til I was grown. Stupidest choice I ever made. Like, for real. It's much harder to go back and do right once you're used to the wrongs. Ya know...

And technically... she's breaking the law by not enrolling you. Now, I'm not telling you to smack your mother in the head with the law... I'm am just letting you know that you have options.

Prayer, prayer, prayer.... IT WORKS.

If you need me little bro... u know where to reach me.

And to the starchasers and crazy haters:
You want me to leave him? You want me to say it's done? Should I move out? Let me know. We can work this thing out... lol.

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11 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Nah. He'll kick you out eventually. Save up.

  2. Wow, I didn't know you had a rough past too!

    Sorry you had to go thru that. You had it worse than me.

    I respect you alot more (not saying I didn't alot already) knowing are strong! lol, forreal.

    I'll take a long hard think and reflect on what I'm going thru today because of this.

    Thanks, Talk to you later

    P.S. - If you want me to be unknown I jus took some letters out of my name.

  3. umpa lumpa i'm back.April 1, 2009 at 6:26 AM

    Well consider me the reincarnation of your mother. Your mom sensed evil at a young age, and to be honest, I can sense it through the cpu. You are in no position to give advice, especially living in glass house, THAT AINT EVEN YOURS! Your just a druggie who lucked up on a naive rapper, but since no is checking for Charles enjoy it will you can. Spare us from now on, you should be registering for your wedding at GameStop, or the free clinic. Your a box of baby wipes trying to disnifect a rabies bite.

  4. wow!!! i didnt kno all this shit about you!!! thats sad that ur mom didnt think u were pretty so she made you leave. (where was kendu at during this time???) but u got thru it and even if today u still have scars n shit n ur a tad crazy u got thru it. cuz u culd be dead rite now. n r u talkin bout me in the last part??? i hope not. i didnt say i want u to leave him. im nice to u. i undastnd you.

    ok n r u registered at gamestop??? whats the name??? ill get u guys a wedding gift. or r u registered somewhere else??? and what do u think of ch's new mixtape??? did u tell him to diss demevolist??? cuz i kno u was in booth with him. oh n do u like "twilight" its a luve song 2 u.(which had to be soooo cool!!!)
    ok well hope u show us sum of ur new pics n update us on the wedding!!!. :-)

  5. This message is to umpa lumpa...

    You are a sad carcass in the atonement of a fraud. A complete waste of sperm and egg. I don't know you're sex, so i'll just say you're a hermaphridal shame. You don't like her, you obviously think you're better. So why sit on her page and lingre over her every blog!? You're beginning to display obssessive tendencies, and I'm gonna have to ask you to stay in you're lane. Briana is a lot of things... but whether they good or bad, I can say this. She wakes up and steps out her front door everyday, and not only does she do it gracefully; she does it knowing people like you are begging for her to fall. You're nothing... You're fake, therefore you don't exist!!! Stay the fawk away from her page, if you're not diggin' the content! I love you mama's... Do you... fawk them!


    Kaiele Nicole

  6. *co-signing with umpa lumpa* lol

  7. umpa lumpa i'm backApril 1, 2009 at 4:26 PM

    Kaiele Nicole,

    I see why you feel the need to stick up for your crackhead friend, but I think it's really you doing all this fake name co-signing. But I will play along. Kaiele, I'm sorry your mother didn't give you a proper name, and you'll never be able to run a real business, be excepted in corporate america or hell, find your name on a keychain at a disney world gift shop. I suggest you mind your business, go to your local obama fried chicken spot, get it in and move along. I have ether for days. want some bish? Just know for you crackhead bishes my shit aint served from crack pipes.

    So, Briana, Starchaser or Vexed whatever your calling yourself today, you aint shit will never be shit. It's life, so get of your borrowed high horse. Hoe will always be hoe.

    Let me find out Charles is the new ricky rawseeeeeeeeee! When your paperback book drop boo? I need bird lining for my birds cage.

  8. umpa lumpa I'm backApril 1, 2009 at 4:39 PM

    uh oh. Looks like little mis project having name khlieddhsd(cant remember how to spell such ghetto names) Nicole is real. I see your funky looking pictures on her blog. That Moesha look with them tired braids you trying to bring back, sweetie it died when Hakeem did. I SUGGEST you make it your business to walk your compton ass to your local CVS and get some cocoa butter for them knees. Just cause you look navy blue doesn't mean we can't see the ash in you.

  9. damn umpa lumpa u got a blog? i'd love to read! :]

  10. Umpa Loompa... My nigg... u seriously have some problems. Like real life issues. You may need to seek professional help.

  11. How are you my young friend? I'm just checking on you. I haven't heard from you in a long while. Hope all is well! Stay in the positive.


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