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3/12/2009 09:10:00 PMBriana Latrise

Luvz it...
I remember when I lived there as a baby. I remember catchin' the bus in the rain... my mom's yellin' at me for not walkin fast enough like all the punk ass baby mamas still do... I remember my GMoms hittin a crack head in the driveway- well actually, he hit her. & then tried to sue her. She made me go to court and testify... I was 4. I'll never forget. I hate courts... I hate institutions/systems... they always seem to get f*ked up/f*k you up.
I remember playin' in my Aunty driveway in Carlton Square when I lived with her (age 3) OOOOO, that was the yr I thought I was fly... I was entertainin' the adults at a party there one night doin the runnin man... LMAO! I ran my goofy ass into the wall... Head first... I hit that b*ch so hard my head was purple and green for some days. yeah... but ALL my dope birthday's where at her house. The ninja turtles came when I turned 4. I had a bouncy thing one time I had a cake wit my face painted on it once...***All just moments of fun... the rents felt they had to make up for the bullshit... well my mom anyway. I think my dad was still just a big ass kid... he was cool tho. He wrote a song about me. He would play the drums and sing it to me... when I got a little older he let me sit on his lap and hold the drum sticks while he played. Damn. Looking back those were the happiest moments of my childhood. Everything else just seemed like shit/tasted like hell.
I moved to Arizona from like 3 to 7. My mom wanted to make my dad mad thinkin he would chase her. Ha Yeah... ok. I still hate AZ till this day. I went back at 17... but only cause I was homeless and stayin with this boy and his crazy ass family in Moreno Valley, CA until he got extradited back to AZ for givin this kid brain damage in a fight. )It's crazy what you learn about ppl when you move in with them. He was cool folks tho. We almost had a son together... R.I.P. Ezekial Isaiah Brady...) I moved back to AZ wit him... we got a house, got pregnant, then Briana had to go snort up all their means for survival with no educations but juvenile records... (I'll explain that when you're a little older.)

Right but,
At first she would take me back to LA every weekend.... (My dad stayed in the same apts I stay in now actually... near 3rd/Fairfax... you won't find me though. I always find you 1st.) Then it became a summer thing... Which was gay as f*k- he was always on tour... so I stayed wit his parents... same complex. They G. They let me do whatever... 1st grand baby on both sides. Spoiled.

Booooooo.... how did we get here?

***I think I'm being used/abused still... I just don't know who's doin' it anymore.

****I'm still trynna stop cussin'... and I'm trynna not be on this nigga shit that I'm on... which I'm proabably ONLY on because MY NIGGA on sum NIGGA shit. I'm slow/He a hedgehog... I'm crazy & I love him.
Daddy, would you say that Blackin shit u be sayin' right now?****

Ms. Ruby's, Little Belize, M&M's even though I'll never eat at the one on 11th ever again... (I worked there... lol... I'm not sayin it's dirty at all... I just have bad memories there.) Randy's doughnut's... WHAT!!!! I just got sum on my way to work this morning. Gotta LUV the ING Swapmeet... ain't shit in it but niggas b there tho. Niggas... they b.m./b.d., the asians that own it and the occasional civilian... LMAO!
Am I rude? Or is that just true?
I ain't talkin sh*t- I used to work there. OH!!!! DAMN!!! I 4got about the beauty supply... SAVED my hair some years ago. I shoulda went there today instead of that joint down the street 4rm El Pollo Loco... it's good tho. I had to go there to get my eye brows done anyway... Barber shop... 1. it's cheaper [like free... 4 me. lol...] 2. It may not last as long, but as long as I go often enough... I'm good. 3. Only straight men do my eye brows the way I like them... real talk. 4. Duh... Barbershop in the hood... you can wet ur whistle if u get parched, cop the herbal remedies you may need to chill, and you'll always be thoroughly entertained so long as you cool. ******

*I love you more... act like u know*



Lilac Wine - Nina Simone...
"I mean wine, from the lilac tree..."

Babe, could you give me all that energy while holding my hand? I'm not asking you to. I'm asking if you can.
for you: I Got It Bad - Nina Simone

*Shut up.

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