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3/30/2009 01:42:00 PMBriana Latrise

I feel as though I must get a few things off my chest now that I know people care... lol.

I AM a silly druggy bitch who be in the hood as some of you have said... however, it's my life. I do what I want when I want. I am blessed. There's no denying it. If I wasn't I'd be dead. No one knows what I have been through, into, and/or gotten myself out of... so as Gwen has said, "Don't Speak."

I spent all 22 years of my fabulously fucked up life searching for love in gutters, family members that are no longer members, foes that I called friends, and everywhere else that I saw fit to look which just so happened to be all the wrong places because my standards were low. So, you hit the nail right on the head accusing me of crack headedness... I've done it all. I think that in an backassward way... that gives me more heart than the anonymous hater/commenters/stalker. WAAAAAAAAY more heart. Simply because, I'm never scared of the bullshit. The only thing I fear is love and I'm pretty sure that I just proved I take that on too. I'm engaged. Fuck you. I AM THE ONE who asked to NOT be outed. Simply because I know my man... and I am certain that like me, he has fucked with some sucka-duck ass beezies... like the anonymous haters/commenters/stalkers that are sick right now. [& 4 the record... my name is BRIANA LATRISE (Last name... TBD though I know have a pretty good idea of what it is soon to be...) Don't EVER GET THAT FUCKED UP! I'm never anyone else... I never pretend to be anyone else. I know who the fuck I am and if you don't you should find out. U might even like me, u silly fuck.]
AND! it's still SOOWOOP BIDNESS ALL DAY. GIVEZ A MEAN FUCK ABOUT YA... Don't gang bang but I'm affiliated... so I let you get away with callin me a hood bitch... but I'm from the WestSide... LMAO. It's Jews, $, and Capitalism on my side... get it right. I get on my little RED riding hood shit in INGLEWOOD because I see the neighborhoods dying and crying, so I document and I love and I spread love... U should try it sometime.

Back 2 the LOVE:
One day, when I wasn't looking... there it was. It bit my thigh 3 times and told me that Tomorrow is OUR future.
Call me what you want... say what you want... I believe. Matter of fact: I KNOW. It's Known. Get in the KNOW if you've been left behind. Better get on them knees for something more beneficial... than a free facial. "Slap Yourself" as we say on the WestSide. (& That's the West Side of Los Angeles, California... as said in my most thorough Cali accent.

So... on that note: You can either be happy for us or eat a dick.

Damn! The more I write... the better I feel about how bad other people's (mainly u lonely misery lovers) lives suck. Mind you... I've touched London, Africa, Sweden, Mexico, all parts of our Country and then sum. I'm never poor. I told you I'm blessed. I eat, I'm hydrated, and should I choose to reproduce... my babies will never have a hungry day. I'm too intelligent and talented to not get money when I want to. That's WORD.

I've worked up an appetite now...
So, Thank You Bitches. I'm fin to go get sum Tiramisu... since all the hood bitches LOOOOOOOVE lady fingers soaked in espresso layered with mascarpone, finely dusted with cocoa powder... (I know I missed some details but they make me hungrier...) Step your fuckin' game up and google.

I've decided to take this blog and use it as a new form of therapy... or ventilation if you will.
Thanks again... and Suck it EZ.

One last thing:
Truly intelligent people may not know ALL the answers... but they damn sure know where and how to get them. Ponder on that one while I indulge in good dick and chocolate. Holla!

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5 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Hey!!! ima "starchaser" from CH's blog!!! lol n i saw u there a while back n i googled you. so cool that ur mary j. blige's stepdaughter n that Kendu is ur dad!!! n dont let these haters(prolly exgfs) get 2 u!! U can be like Simone n blog & shit!! N all the haters can say is that you pretended to be Rihanna, you seem to have a weird fascination wit ch n that you not good for him cuz u psycho. but eff em. lol like they just mad cuz u got him n they dont. n even tho he dont claim u on his blog n say he still want riri u kno wat it is. n eff his friends, who cares if they knew him b4 you. you kno him now. lol...so keep being the druggy psycho biatch u are n ima keep readn ur blog. also, is he gonna make u the next amy rose???? oh n like congrats on the engagement. mad cool how u propsed to him. lol...couldnt wait for him to ask u huh?? n is Demevolist gonna be at ur wedding??? r ya gonna show us pics n shit, is he gonna wear pink??? ok ill end my comment. lol miss isaacs soon to be mrs. hamilton!!! crazy how u only knew him for a month but real love has no time huh??? ya go head!!! o0o n r u gonna make music with him like Simone did??? that was cool shit!!!

    ur sign is a leo n hes a scorpio. how do u make it work w.o being compatible??? cuz i kno he in2 that shit but i wanna kno cuz im always scared to date ppl im not compatible with...u shld give relationship advice since urs is so healthy n poppinn!!!!

  2. no. there is no "next" amy rose. Simone's the only one. Everybody knows that.

  3. Girl, just be whatever u are now because she's on a whole different level than you.

  4. i always heard poor people made poor choices, but Charles has proved it to be a fact.


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