3/31/2009 09:27:00 AMBriana Latrise

So yeah... Just waking up. I've decided to embrace my inner super hero. LMAO.
Gotta find a new cape... oh! Wait! I already found him...

"U can't sweat the small stuff... and the people sayin lil remarks are just that... small! So fawk em. ur movin on to bigger and better things" -Kan.
I know... but I'm entertained.
Kandiggity - I miss you B. You already know. I think you need to make a stop in NY so we can show them what it really is: LOVE. I'm a care bear... LMAO.

P.S. and it's a real life picture day... FINALLY! Fuck... I ain't been out the house in over 24 hours... U KNOW that's unlike me.

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3 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. stupid girls need teaching. cant wait till rhymefest make your girl the next victim on the dj vlad screen.

    Wifing hoes & shit.

  2. omg!!! why do u have so many haters!?!?! its not even like ur poppin or cool!!! geez(wait did that come out wrong???) anyways, what kind of superhero would u be??? like a sexy one or a dowdy one??? and wuld ur freckles give u powers??? lol!! that be cool!! like "Dots unite!!!" lmblueao!!! omg!!! and new pics!!! is CH gonna be in them??? i r u gonna show ur wedding ring(or does he have 1 since u proposed???) r u at the house in the mtvcribs video??? will u take pics of Demev?!?!? r u CH official photographer!??! oh yea rhymefest might say sumtin bout ur face like "its polka dotted up n it looks like a constellation of the planet CH came from"(lolll) but w.e thats lame or like u pretended to be Rihanna, but thats all in the past so w.e!!! yea im ur friend if you need one!!! n i might sound crazy but ur crazy too so we'd be cool together!!! yay!!! please please post those pics!!!! cant wait!!!

  3. lmao!! yea u gon need a friend boo. take starchaser. lmao


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