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3/01/2009 08:44:00 PMBriana Latrise

So I've been thinking... (old news) specifically for the past 7 minutes...
about God.

I'm thinking:

If I marry you, I take your God as my God... (that is if we were traditional...)
I have faith in God. I'm a born again Christian who needs to be born again... and maybe again and I probably need to live in some Baptismal juices... WATERS- excuse me. Anyoo... a Christian none the less. Actually... I'm probably just another proper subset of the expressions called: contradictions in terms. (help?) But it's good. I'm good. We good.

I said all that to say: God was always a he. Father. Son, etc. Episodes and escapades from my travels so far have left me open minded. I have faith in God. I KNOW God will always be there. God is Love. I am Love. I am loved. We are love and so on and so forth. I can go on all day about it/us but I start feelin' like a punk when ur not involved in the conversation/passionate outburst... consciousness. [I'm so indecisive. I don't know why it's so hard to commit to these things...]

God and I have a DOOOOOOOOPE relationship. Fa real. I'm still here.
But I never thought to ask... or ever even cared for that matter... about whether God was a woman or not. We don't talk about those things. It makes sense. Either way we're still love/loved.

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