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R.I.P. Larry...

3/28/2009 09:40:00 PMBriana Latrise

2 Larry:
I know we didn't always get along... in fact I sure did tell the homies to get you when you did that dumb issshhhh u did... but I like to think we better than that. I know that you were strugglin' trynna find urself here on earth... but I really hope that where ever you are now you find peace and the love you were seeking here. Damn.

2 the world:

Shit is crazy

They usually wait till summer to start shooting.
Apparently my boy was in the Js... (a.k.a. the Jungles... a well known hooded area just below Baldwin Hills in Los Angeles, CA that goes HARD AS FUCK if you get caught there at the wrong time... or by the wrong niggaz) A drive-by (hella old school by the way... who still does that?????) transpired and Larry got caught up in the fire... at least as far as we know. Shit, for all we know he was the target. I only assume he wasn't because EVERYONE knows that most free Cali niggas never hit their targets. LMAO. I shouldn't be joking but I tend to laugh in times where most would cry. Fuck that. Tears r 4 suckas... Anyway. My boy was hit 7x. He made it all the way to the hospital before the bullet that hit his chest decided to relocate itself in a fatal area. R.I.P. my dude.

Cali: So, this summer can we try to not kill each other!?!??!? At the risk of sounding like a racist: You KNOW that if you should be beefin' wit anybody... u need to need to holla at them MS- you know what... let me stop before I get myself into trouble with my MexiCali folks... But if you from LA.. u know what it is. Stop killin' each other... and STOP LETTIN BITCHES (emphasis on the word bitch) GET YOU CAUGHT UP.

I'm mad now.

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