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The Things We Do 4 "Love"...

3/13/2009 01:14:00 AMBriana Latrise

Fuck. I feel sick like shit... or like sick shit.

I have a foul mouth... a very very foul mouth... as you can see.
I'm never as happy as I tell myself I am... until u came around. With you... nothing else matters. At all. I might talk about it... but only because it's something to talk about. It won't break me tho... But you...

Today: BAD DAY.
It started off soooo great! I did some dopeness earlier, found a f*n A1 parking space, got free herbage, oh! Maybe it was the Remy. Maybe that's what's got me feeling like this. Like I'm drowning again... and you're somewhere out of reach. I'm drowning... yet it's so dry here the ground is cracked and bleeding.

Am I strong enough to break the chains that restrain me? Am I strong enough to leave this barren place behind? On the surface I want to run away... but when the night comes... I'll look around and still be exactly where I am... This is not an issue that can just be buffed and shined... no. This is not a surface scratch. This is a deep, deep open stab wound... well, maybe multiple stab wounds.

I guess there's no need to trim my wings if I'm already trapped.

*act like you know*
...before I disappear again.

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  1. we would do just about anything for love because its one of those things we cant buy. and once we have it we will do all we can to keep it


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