yeah... I'm STILL awake.

3/08/2009 07:39:00 AMBriana Latrise

I haven't slept much/eaten.
There must b some crack stashed in a lung pocket or somethin...
Then again...

This must all just be due to the distances-
The altitudes between us...
And your ever-growing gravitational pull.

Every moon without just makes it stronger.
Spinning my head 'til I am dizzy...
Turning my insides 'til I am sick.

I usually run when the tide comes in...
It gets deeper.
I think I fear trust and love,
So, I fear me.

And you,

Your consistencies,
Will fortify your rays and beams,
Your words no longer have to,
Though you do.

I'm slow huh? :) Like: Ri-medial... or Ri-tarded.
Matter of fact just throw the B up when referring to me...
Blud (Bay Area),
Blood... like, ya know... fam and stuff...................................
Bruh, lol... (on Tuesdays... *Subject to change without notice)
Boss Lady, (as in the Boss's Lady... lol. He's run's this...yep)
Burnt (the Fizzzzznuk out)

I like Widget.

Oh... Before I sleep... I need u/me/we... to take a moment to pray for all the haters. We want to bless them with Love, knowledge, drive, sense, and we want to ask that the hater demon be revoked from within them. We want to ask that they be kept safe from unnecessary harm and such. Right. Now sign that however u see fit. Then... We forgive.

We forgive the haters.
Then we forgive me for the improper thoughts/desires I had earlier... and We need to thank everything that I'm a lazy punk and I don't really wanna hurt feelings...

I was once a hater too. I hated haters. Then I looked in the mirror and realized... I had been hatin' on me. lol.

Nigga, if you don't wake up!

C'mon baby... let's make a movie.

(U R NOT UNSULLIED!... I meant like, write a screenplay, perv. lol...
yea, I'm nice/you tight... And I'm swagger-jackin'. What up? ha)

*[[POUTIN' NOW]]***
The moon was dope.
Thank You.

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