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3/30/2009 10:25:00 PMBriana Latrise

I'm really having fun now. Ha. ****hmmmm*******

So... In situations where I find myself at a loss for words... (when they're not always so positive) I just wanna say "FUCK!"...


I anticipated (or maybe even created) all of these situations. This shit is totally shitty.

But guess what:

I'm still SMILING!!!!!

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5 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Are these girls REALLY going hard cause u wit dude!? like fa real!? Amazing!

  2. no hoe. we're going in because she aint shit and she's a gold digger.

  3. lol noooowww why do I have to be a "hoe"!??! U don't know me...and if I'm not mistaking I was asking her a question...and y u tryna be tough while being "anonymous"? That's blooooowed! Don't spend too much of ur time being upset w/her I'm sure it's not good 4 ur mental health! Chill out for the day kay!? lol

  4. eff the haters!!! n CH done fucked over mad girls (like his mixtape w. the gfs. lol) so these anonymous prolly em. if ur in harlem n u need a friend u shuld holla at me!!! oh n r u n CH tryna get pregnant cuz ya engaged??? n haters, if she's no good for him he will figure that out, so until he sees it let her be!!! ur photos r really cool!!! are u gonna do the artwork for ch next mixtapes/album??? u shuld take some pics for demev n hcho n em!! that wuld be cool, like cuz thats his family n shit n now ur a part of it!!! well maybe ur next entry u can shout me out n answer some of my questions!!!
    later crazy bitch!!!
    -oh n were u a starchaser or a fan??

  5. he bout to fuck u over too. ha. cannot wait!


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