Charles the Hamilton Haterz

The Warmth...

4/02/2009 02:22:00 AMBriana Latrise

Photos by Sheree (Thank You Mamas!)
Edited by Briana Latrise...

Dusty day for all of us...

Damn... this love is good. But no lie, it' hard work. For real. Especially when it can't just be us two locked away on an island somewhere secluded like we would prefer. We have to deal with the world and all of it's impurities. That's kinda what makes it so hard. Especially when one of us starts to get weak. It's easier to let the bullshit get to you when you get weak. But that's why I wake up and clean house (as best I can... it's usually a full house and some of you grown ass men know better! lmao).

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6 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Damn you're ugly. lol

  2. Stop hatin! LMAO... U know I'm cute.

  3. I hope you don't think he's gonna marry ur leopard ass. lmao! he'll be done with u before '09 closes out... if that long.

  4. AWW!!! this is sooo cute!! N haters relax, just cuz she not as pretty as Simone don't say she not Amy Rose. Amy Rose is whoeva Sonic loves. I like how yur pictures tell a story. the 1st one is like CH is ignoring u but ur still smiling n tryna make him love u. then the 2nd is like ur forcing him to lean back so u can kiss his neck. N then the last is like he gave in to you n y both horny n laughing n happy. LOL!!! I like the way ur pics look. and his comforter is so girly. did u pick that out? ok...dont let the haters stop you Amy. since ya both did drugs do u guys have like matching tracks? loll!!
    -haters fall back leave CH fiance alone!!

  5. Ask Charles who Amy Rose is Starchaser.

  6. What is all this hate for?? I dont understand...She is fucking beautiful look at her the freckles the cheek bones her curves and natural hair...Yall tripping CH u did good man! lol Bri dont take it personal these hater bloggers are just doing what they do best.
    -Sailor Moon-
    over and out!


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