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5/26/2009 11:11:00 AMBriana Latrise

My boy Andre Wright is siiiiiiick with the photo game....

Color of Life Photography

Check em out!

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1 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Briana...I'm digging you and your site! I couldn't read all of your blogs becasue I'm a single 30 yr. old mother of one. I tell you this for this reason: DO YOU ALWAYS!

    When I glance over your site, I feel happiness and envy all at once. Envy because I'm like, damn this young one is putting her all out there; her flaws AND perfections...She's sharing them with the world and those of us who care have a chance to see this young woman grow and blossom; live and learn. I personally find it all quite beautiful and refreshing! On the flip side I envy you, deeply. Why? Because as a has been creative chic who deserted her passions when the EPT stick indicated positive almost 9 years ago, I wish I had your perservering spirit that said: Fuck it, I can handle love, pain, possibly a child, and still nurture my passions. I stopped writing and photographing 9 years ago and got a federal gig. It's consistently paid the bills but no matter how much my child lights up my insides, I always have this insecurity that says, "You used to light up yourself; by yourself. Ho pathetic have you become. And when did sacrifice mean death?"

    Bottom line, Ma...Do you. Shake the haters, continue making mistakes and learning from them. They only make you human, which is something no one can refute. And remember this, when you follow your passions you give your children the freedom to do the same.

    I see a lot of hateful comments on your site. I also see that comments were at their peak when negative shit was happening in your life. But through it all, I still see the light in you. Be blessed. You are a queen a beautiful on at that. Be blessed! BTW, I dig your freckles too!!! ;-) (And in case your haters are wondering, this comment is random as shit and I'm a heterosexual chic from Cali who came across your site via the gossip blog sites. I don't twitter or any of that other stuff you youngsters do but you can find me on FB as Shani Bonnie)



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