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Awww Damn... Lol...

5/28/2009 12:56:00 PMBriana Latrise

We were trying to apologize... it just went where it went... and there it is.

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11 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. aaaahuh...

  2. Damn....yall both need media training. Briana have you hit Charles before?! Lol, poor Charles. You always calling him have to realize he's a rapper. You call him out behind closed doors not on camera. That's what got you into trouble the first time.

  3. lmao

    The end of that segment made my night. It was perrrfect.

  4. ch is a lucky dude..i find u horribly attractive =] the most wonderful way possible damm dam sean...

  5. ive just started really recording and i have 3 songs so far,, i think im pretty good/ real/deep/.. .i really reeeeeely would appreciate your feedback on the song i recorded today called "dear dad"...can you please please briana download it and tell me what you think...iit would meen so much..

    thank you bri


  6. Precyse...
    Honey I tried to play the song... I can't hear your lyrics at all. I really appreciate the gesture but can you maybe record it again and mix your vocals above the beat... I know you've got stupid lyrical skills. I just wanna hear em papi! :) Hit me when you finish k???



    I am SOOOOOOOO in love with this Birthday Sex song...

    Make's me wish August 3rd was tomorrow. Lol.

  7. aww srry babe....ill def fix that...nex song tho...dammit , i deleted the session lol//...that you for trying tho , i got you nex song ...imma put ur name in one =] for aug will come soon for the birthday sex...ahhhh, im free that day..i think...lmaooo jp bri...stay in touch, u no i will =] ..peace yo .

  8. Side Note:

    P, Never ever ever delete your protools sessions... for real. Get an external hard drive... I keep all my original photos, artwork, and music on an external hard drive. You never know when you're going to need them. You know. Someone may contact you one day and be like "yo, that was dope... we just want to mix it again..." and you're screwed. You gotta start from scratch. Ya dig? Anyway, stay up. And as far as the birthday thing... lol... while I appreciate the offer, I'm celibate for now. Real talk. lol... Take care, Love.

  9. werd bri i def feel u on that...i plan on re- recording later wen iget better equipment...i guess its beliveable that i use a 30 dolla mic, and cool editpro on my laptop in a wooden closet in my room lol...dam..yea, im sure with a real studio id kill it..but until then this will do hahaa...but yea , if i never see money from this i know that recording (and speeding lol ) is the biggest outlet/release that i (nd alot of others) have...its an amzin feelin hearing your product...ahhh, welll yea...celibacy, been 6 munths for me ...6 long ass months if u ask me lol...but i guess its for the complicates shit madd quick right?...anyways..gnite deadass ur madd cool ..gnite brii =] <3

  10. *begins preparation on a birthday poem for ms. latrise =] *

  11. hmm-guess im wack- and so Revenge begins

    ~a "Ty'Tan
    look for post by LFI please...
    im no longer accepting blog authors but w/e shout out to Frank Ramz for becoming an author...


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