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5/31/2009 04:00:00 AMBriana Latrise

I am sooooo proud of my little bro for stepping HIS game up!!!!!!!!!!! Shouts out to my boo. Went from no grades to low grades to HONOR ROLL! What you know bout that???? And he went to Senior prom wit a senior his sophmore year! Can somebody say "bossin' up!" ? Please. I love you little bro. And the certificate counts even though they spelled ur name wrong. It's Terrence. I love you honey. I promise imma come HOME more. So... Save me some mac & cheese please!! Tell KK I'm bringin the art supplies by so I can get back on my paints with HER tho. We can learn together baby. This family, since the day I rweally met ya'll. For real!!!

Love you Bro. Love you, KK, Crystal, Kandy, Aunty Connie, Aunty Adrienne, Aunty Angie.... (Even though you didn't recognize me... Lol) it's all love. Real LOVE!!!
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3 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. I must admit I'd never heard of you or Charles Hamilton until the infamous "punch video", and initially didn't think I liked you as a rep for black women(nothing personal). However, I found myself eager to return to your blog because I discovered that you are a head-strong, creative, outspoken, and very passionate individual! I absolutely LOVE your blog, returning to it daily. The fact that you bare your naked emotions to us all with no thought of the reactions is def an invitation to the core of who you really are. I will continue to be a supporter of all positive from your work, as well as contribute to comment. Keep growing spiritually Briana. The rewards are priceless!

  2. Thank You! Very much. Don't give me too much props... I just live.

  3. I absolutely love your blog. Reading your blog has inspired me to begin blogging myself. I see there's a lot of hate but I also see you get even more love that surpasses the hate. If you didn't have haters, you wouldn't be doing something right! Your so strong minded and I love it..Keep doing your thang mama!

    Btw- I love your freckles!(no homo or anything. I'm just not afraid to let another woman know she's beautiful)


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