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Still Smiling... I must be doing SOMETHING right...

5/24/2009 05:22:00 PMBriana Latrise

OMG... this nigga is a weirdo!!! LMAO


So yeah, I think I have managed to disappoint the people I DO care about and please a whole slew of folks I don't even know. Darn shame I got caught on camera... I just wasn't fazed by it. It's not like I'm used to cameras all in my face. Never been thru media training... sorry. But it's whatever. I finally found some food... I forgot it's Sunday and My fam bam bam (that means cuddies) do Sunday dinner EVERY week. I'm about to head over there now. Plus my baby Pooh (nephew) is gonna cuddle wit me. I LOVE HUG-UP TIME!!! Lord knows how I need it too.

So Oh! Contact Info:

Photography inquiries, please contact,
Belvi @ belviceoapoc@gmail.com

Anything even close to an interview, please contact my agent,
Jayson Kinslow @ Premier Talent Group

Anything else... leave a comment. I guess...

Wow... thanks for this random email... mystery woman...lol

She said, "...by the way, I saw the video and I ain't mad cause no one knows what they would have done. All these C-lawyers (Southern term) saying 'if' they were you or him... what they would do but if 'if' was a fifth we would all be drunk so fuck em and live your life."

I love her for that. Just because there are moments where you weirdo Charles Hamilton stalker/hater/fans start to get on my nerves. Just because you're relentless. Seriously, like if you people would put the same amount of energy you spend hating into something productive, the world would most likely start to become a much better, happier place. Save the babies. Spread love. Dead ass...

P.S. To the idiots: I believe I said I was broke already... lol. Ur late, and I'm hungry. Holla!

I had stupid fun dancing last night waiting for Drake to show up. He killed my night tho when he did and left immediately after arrival. WACKNESS! But I expected that. It was a lot of Oh NO's in the crowd tho so I get why he left but still... Don't do that to ur fans. It was like 50 eleven billion people in line to see that boy... HELL we stood in line for 2 hours on some sucka ishh and we bought two tables AND like 5 bottles... WACK!! He gettin his money tho. B.S.

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8 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zECL0Fui2VU

    Is this song really you?
    "Letter To My Man"-Briana Latrise

  2. Love your blog and thanks for that lil shout out LOVE YOU FOR THAT lol remember they make us famous!!!!!!

  3. was wondering if you felt bad after murdering your unborn seed...

    like did you look at the fully formed human after you pooped it out and before they threw it in the trashbin..

    do you think in judgement day the kid is gonna be sstanding there next to your maker asking why you killed it??

    why you didnt give him/her a chance to be something in life and selfishly terminate their life..and how you looked at yourself in the mirror for the rest of your life while it never had that chance

  4. Actually, I full-heartedly believe that it would be more selfish to keep a child you can't care for and raise it in a f*ed up household perpetuating the chaos most of us are born into.
    So I hope you think before you speak next time. Weigh all options. It always pains me to see young parents with neglected children just as it pains me to see ignorance on my blog. Go to charleshamilton.blogspot.com and talk shit there. He likes drama.

    Peace and Blessings to you Nameless/Faceless Comment Poster.

    Thanks for your time.

    Kimely I see you!

  5. i dont find nothin wrong w/ what u did. but i love that poem that you said when ya was battling.. can u post it..... plzz && thank uu


  6. Briana wat up? u caught my attention as soon as i seen u, not easy 2 do, major props

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Briana~I'm not understanding why we as humans choose to judge each other. I'm sure we ALL have skeletons in our closets, and we handle it the best way we know how/can. Lord knows I can write a book about myself. All this to say...DO YOU! Keep your head up, and if they are not positive, let 'em go (me? I wouldn't even address them). One more thing...I'm a firm believer that haterz=free publicity. They invaded your personal space now use it to your good!! Take care and keep grindin'.


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