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5/27/2009 01:57:00 AMBriana Latrise

Just to clear the air... LoL, if you don't know me or my sense of humor... You should. Hope I didn't offend anyone other than the anonymous Hater with the light skinned comment I made earlier... I'm still learning. I guess people are sensitive. It's the truth tho... Sue me. Or turn to the closest black male and ask him if he would get at the light skinned freckle face with the drop top smiling as she drives through these Los Angeles streets. Or the sexy dark skinned girl, or the sexy white girl, or the sexy latin girl... It doesn't matter which one. Lol. For real. Some people need to lighten the heck up. OR: STAY OFF MY BLOG. Lol. Go start your own blog. Real talk. I didn't ask you to come here everyday and hate... Though I appreciate it. Seriously. I do.

New music, coming soon. I'm sooooo proud of myself for the song I just did. It's like nothing I've ever done before.
Shouts out to IronWorks for making me laugh while we get it in... To Emon for just being my dude, for real. To Big Unc, for going in... To Charles Hamilton for making the beat... To Daft Punk for the O.D. Sample... To all the young parents with beautiful babies for inspiration and to you for reading this. Haters too. You can hate, but I love you. I do. I know you need it. And... You give me something to laugh at. *Kisses*

I'm getting tired. Store run for energy (get the blood circulatin) and then I'm back in. Next track: Curtis Mayfield. (I'm such a HUUUUUUGE fan of his!)

Mmmm... Maybe I should get food. I'm always freggin hungry but I go into my creative zone and forget to eat.

Ben & Jerry's here I come!!!!

(My metabolism ain't slowed up too much yet, so I'm gonna get it in while I can.)

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I'm mad you said u got pulled over for ur number cuz ur lightskin. Ur really ignorant to say that. WOW. No one raised u right. Sit the eff down.

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