To Clear up Confusion...

5/22/2009 06:13:00 PMBriana Latrise

That was an apology... sort of. I did apologize to him. We actually made up right after the punch... hugged on camera and all that... but you know the media... they cut all the good stuff out. Once again tho: I AM SORRY CHARLES. My behavior was wack last night.

Sidenote: If I haven't talked to you in the last month... please DO NOT call me now. Understand what that looks like. I don't mean to be rude but I had 25 missed calls during my 2 hour nap and recognized like 4 numbers.... so chill.

Grandma, again, I AM SOOOOOO SORRY. Heard what you said about me hittin like Moorer women tho... funny.

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19 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. how does it feel though to be responsible for ruining that dude's career??

    cuz now ofcourse he's a laughing stock for your action...

    and ofcourse he couldnt hit you or any of that macho shit that is promoted in hip hop so ofcourse he's seen as a clown.....

    its fucked up how you couldnt do that and spazz on him out of camera're an ass though!!

    *two thumbs down*

  2. his career isn't ruined... lol. Seriously. Chill.

  3. u good tho shorty yo every body loose there head (it was a rap abattle nd they do get loose) but yo i think CH good some what ,yall b iight jus yo its gona b more fight 2 cum jus dont start stabin homie like keep it trillz ma lmao '''...'''

  4. come on...u and i know niggas aint gonna be taken that kid serious after this shit

    hell even white folks will be testing him soon...

    after the L he recieved with that white boy out rappin him , and now this??

    its pretty much the nail in the coffin for dude's career..

    and why you aint tell him that having that pink bunny on his arm was corny ??

    ugh..dude's whole life is just one "EPIC FAIL"....

  5. How are you going to apologize to a KID, not a man, a KID that clearly has no respect for you. Does he have you that messed up in the head. When I saw the video, I said to myself that a ninja like him is the reason why young black men are stigmatized with bad reps. Now, I am also realizing that chicks like you are responsible for the negative reps. young black women have.

    Honestly, you're both clearly children incapable of managing your emotions in an adult like manner. That's why you lost your temper and decked him, and that's why he clearly comes off as an self-centered immature lil rascal. Acting like he doing something when he got about as much swag as that one black kid that can be found working at Gamestop...lmao...

    And tell him to comb his hair...cause he stay looking dirty...

  6. ^^^^ Agree with this cat...

    Additionally, i can't believe you let him ejaculate inside you...CHARLES HAMILTON...ewwwwwww...lmao...

    Aim higher yo...

  7. Lol. His career isn't ruined; This is actually gonna help his career. If anything he's respected more for being more than a man & showing restraint given the circumstances.....A REAL man would never lay his hand on a woman regardless!

  8. And in this corner we have the chick that now owns the rights to Charles Hamilton, the lovely Ms. Briana "Don't Disrespect Me" Latrise!

    & yeah I agree, his career isn't ruined... that would insinuate that he actually had a career lol.

  9. you are a very interesting female......

  10. I know CH now. Hahahahahahaha. I don't think he doggied u properly. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  11. He deserved that punch. I don't know what type of immature relationship the two of you have but for a dude to make fun of what he made fun of is bullshit. I saw it in your eyes> You tried to hold your anger back but cotton candy ass nigga and it's obvious you went through some shit with him.

    BTW. Did you train to be a boxer? You have great form.

  12. tht was some grimey shit lol you shouldnt be doin that

    like you said, if a chick is man enough to throw a punch, she should be man enough to take it back

    HOWEVER, i dont condone hitting women, ever. so in heinsight, you just shouldnt let him get to u like that (easier said than done lol)

    he got disrespectful, not feelin that either, suppose thats a battle thing, but u obviously know eachother, and as u said urself, u know he plays games

    before the punch, i say u had him on the battle shit as well lol regardless, i thought that was real wack of u, real wack of ch to antagonise u like that, and REAAAL wack for whoever didnt show the rest of the video.

    sidenote; whats with all the ch hatin? proof that not all publicity is good publicity..

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. I threw all of my Charles Hamilton mixtapes away because of you.

    Are you from Brooklyn?

  15. Charles shouldn't have disrespected you like that. Point blank. [sb: I'm loving your work! You're ridiculously talented!!! Keep doing what you do and don't worry about the haters, fakes, and lames]

    Real recognize real.

  16. I've seen the video a couple times (mind you, i'm a dude) and it looked like you didn't really want to battle in the first place. Then to see your face when he brought that shit up; I've got to say it pained me a bit. like I looked at your face closely and I was like, 'how could he keep that shit going looking at you'. I mean your whole countenance changed. Just this said look in your eyes. Whatever decision you made is hard enough, it's obviously just happened, and unless you are the daughter of Satan him (or her) self, it will hurt you for a LONNNNNNNG while. That shit is nothing to joke about. Mollywopp right? not sure. Were you justified? TREMENDOUSLY! props to him for realizing as well.

  17. Personally, I think your photography is kinda like his music. Distorted. Anybody can edit pictures to look distorted in photoshop. That's all you do. Pressing buttong isn't talent hun. Maybe you should take your own advice. And another thing, you are not a strong black woman, you are a pussy. And Charles still wins and prevails because he BEAT IT RAW that same night even after airing your baby killin out to the world. AND HE CONTINUES TO BEAT IT RAW. lmao. U still get screwed over. Pun intended. You really deserve each other. lol.

  18. yeah i feel some of the other commentors, that was whack of him to try and pull your card..... i mean you did what you felt i'm not upset at you...

    ha ha! lovin your page


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