6/18/2009 12:10:00 PMBriana Latrise

I keep having this eerie feeling imma get shot. WTF is that?????? I mean it is about t be summer- when most ppl in LA who get shot, get shot.
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  1. Well I hope that feeling doesn't have a meaning... Be safe

  2. Think +...I knw it's corny and all that, LA is dangerous, innocent ppl die every day...but if we lived thru fear it wouldn't really be living, it would be going thru the motions waiting for the next bad thing to happen. Life is too short. I blogged abt my car wreck and posted pics - anyone who sees those pics cannot believe I am alive and well here today. That experience opened my mind, my eyes and my heart to so many possibilities I never believed existed.

    Look outside the box and don't be afraid to step outside of it either. You have so much to do, see, look forward to and experience...I'd be more scared driving in LA than I would be of getting shot!


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