Clearing the Air... Again!

6/24/2009 11:14:00 PMBriana Latrise

Am I gonna have to do this every couple of weeks? If so... I hope the internet crashes so I won't be addicted to it anymore.

There's no denying that I'm a hot ass mess. I just act before I think about it. I always have. But if you can't help fix that... Shut the fizznuk up. Please. Keep in mind that those last will be first. So watch yourself. Only God can judge me. Lol.

Moving on:::

I love my father. More than you can tell. Obviously. Our relationship isn't or WASN'T that bad. It just is what it is. You'll never now what it's like but I'm certain you'll always have an opinion about it. Suck it!!! *jokes*

I learned today that my intuition is super on point. For real. One day, I'll break down the science behind my tattoos. I'll probably wait until I've finished the sleeve on my left arm. I'm thinking of making it a time line. From the first day to now. I've already got the eye of Heru (or Horus/Ra... the highest God to the Egyptians and many other Africans... Who also have been said to be the first people...) Which strengthens intuition and brings blessing. I've got it surrounded by the Sun. I am a fire sign. But also... Everything needs the sun somehow. It's a big burning ball of energy. Maybe that's where God is. I mean, you can't look at it, you can't touch it... It loves you... Well, those of us who aren't challenged by a lack of-- nvrmnd. Anyway... I've got a red design around it representing Love. God is Love. Next I need a Lion, a few hieroglyphics and we'll be closer to completion.

Can you Media Take Out/Gossip Bloggers go somewhere? Stop further fuckin up what I've already started fuckin up or pay me please. Then again... Karma.
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