Did He Really Bring Me To Church Tho?

6/12/2009 10:46:00 PMBriana Latrise

Okay. God knows I need to be here just as much as the next man...

But I'm not ready. I'm not. I chose to be saved many moons ago. A born again Christian. Yet, I still have my problems. Give them to God?


Ok. Sure. As soon as I figure out HOW to let go. I'm comfortable in my discomfort and that's probably the SADDEST story I have ever told. Matter of fact- it is.

On another note... It's very hard to listen to someone else tell e to be Holy while I know you yourself are not completely so. Idk. Then again... The feeling of love and safety, and the security church brings is so much better than the lonely feelings of doubt and uncertainty that the block brings. So...

Seeing as how there's probably very little time left- WHEN AM I GOING TO CHOOSE TO GET BETTER????
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5 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Just try your best/naw God's best and be better. He does not want you to be complacent with where you are or how you feel about Him and Christianity-The Truth.

    And I'm saying this-cause I'm going through it -We have to evolve in Christ. God Bless.

  2. These keys words made me write this....

    "I'm comfortable in my discomfort"

    "The feeling of love and safety, and the security church brings is so much better than the lonely feelings of doubt and uncertainty that the block brings."

    NOTE:You either gonna hate or like this one....

    1st, I'm an open spirit(the heavy religion believers label us as "confused". We in return label them as "blind"...one step above ignorant.)
    Meaning I don't necessary believe in a certain religion.(out of over an 1,000 religions, someone is gonna tell me there the correct one...yea,aiight.)
    But, I do believe in god and even to say maybe multiple gods, I'm very interested in ancient egypt, were we as blacks/Africans/whatever you prefer as the correct term for our origins, lived as kings/queens, leaders not followers and also explores of life's unanswered questions. By the way, it is even in the Bible that God wants you to take it on to yourself to gain knowledge from different sources.

    The one thing I won't take away from religions that is each one holds an element or even a few at times that ties into other religions/non-religions....but yet there still are the ignorant that won't open there eyes to the world and enjoy what the "rules" say are negative. "Rules" that have been rewritten and poorly translated over the thousand something years ago.(even one religion and I'm not gonna fully expose this but they believed all blacks are going to heaven to be slaves for whites. Silliest shit I ever read)

    Sorry, going overbaord. What I'm trying to say is if you can live under a set rules of regulations and to what you do today is consider just the sin of all sins.
    (etc, cursing/freedom of expression, smoking green even though "its said" that all plants are put here on earth for us to use, just things in general that don't make you an "bad" person but is often over spoken about)...do you...be saved. If it brings you peace go for it. If it brings you happiness go forward. Just make sure its not an illusion that makes you feel happy and peaceful.
    I.E. means of escape from sadness/depression/stress/reality/the world.

    I don't mean to offend you or anyone else who reads this comment. I want everyone to be happy and I love everyone regardless of color/religion/belief/. No one is better than anyone. Do what makes you happy but if you see something that doesn't really fit to you being the person you are inside. Follow that feeling. You might be surprised at what you find.

    Or in lessor words. Don't force something just because you was programed to believe its the only right way.....it isn't. You are made the person you are in God's eyes. To say one is not...well, you talking trash about God's product?

    Follow your soul not words in a book but use the knowledge from the words in many books to feed your soul.
    Be safe ma', hope I didn't offend you. Nothing but love and respect for you and your photo work which is pretty ill.

  3. "Or in lessor words. Don't force something just because you was programed to believe its the only right way..."

    I hear you It's just difficult being that I DID choose to become a born again Christian... and that I do not understand. I guess because the road I chose was obviously no the greatest I experienced things that make it hard for me to fully trust and believe ANYTHING at times. It's all good though. We gon' get it together.

    I appreciate you comments. I always do! Thank You!!!

    Even if I do not respond. It just means that I read them from my phone and I can't post a response... since I'm always on the go... that's usually the case. But I read and receive each and every one of them.

  4. ^^^
    coo/respect....and sorry again. I gotta learn how to shape my opinions better. I felt I went alittle over board. Peace

  5. I hate discussing religion, debating it, the topic itself is a turn-ff for me...all I will say is THIS: don't force it. And you gotta live your life for you. Good ppl make mistakes, good ppl aren't sitting in a pew every Sunday...bad ppl are in the church...there is good/bad everywhere. Just be you. Never change for anyone or conform to society's or some religion's expectations of who they think you are and how you should be.


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