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6/10/2009 05:03:00 AMBriana Latrise

It's approx. 6am. I'm lookin at one of the most beautiful men walking this earth... OMG! He is GORGEOUS!! Y am I scared of him??? I came over here to write and that's what everyone (but me because I'm blogging...) is doing. So it's not like anyone else isn't focused but... every now and then I look up and get slightly distracted. His eyes... his smile... he's built like a thick solid ball player... (light bright... but I can over look it). He's talented... thoughtful... gorgeous... sweet... gorgeous... mmmm... I need air. Yeah... back in the day I think he was interested in me... at least enough to invite me to his house for a movie. Problem: Home Movies+Guys+Me= Bad idea... but I went anyway... as soon as I got there... I got scared and ran away. Not sure about what I'm scared of exactly seeing as how this would have been our second home movie with no issues... no problems... no regrets... but yet still, I ran. Like really ran with no excuse/explanation. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? We lost contact after that and then I ended up with a new dude. (STUPID!!!! LOL) I mean granted... it could have been just as bad continu- nope... just thought about it. NO ONE would have been as publicly humiliating as the last dude... lol. But it is what it is...

OKAY WAIT! I think his girl just walked in the room all sleepy eyed and half-assed polite. She didn't say hello or good morning or anything but she certainly asked the boys if they wanted anything from the kitchen. Wow... lame. Not her... just that she walked in and f*ed up all the improper thoughts I planned on having about this man as soon as I got home. Whatever. They're ruined because now that I know she exists... IDK whatever....

He shouldn't have given me the eye though. (If that's even what he did... Hell on the way here I was light weight hallucinating so for all I know he was looking at me with disgust.) That's wack. Why do all guys cheat? Why be in a relationship if you fee you have to cheat? Why not just be single and have "friends"? I don't understand. I must be really sleepy or something... I JUST DON'T GET IT.


He's so damn fine!!! I really wish I could tell you all who he is. Guaranteed every lady that reads this would agree. GUARANTEED! Ok... did she really have to come back in the room tho? PLEASE tell me she's about to get ready to go to work or something. Seriously. I can't sit in this room with her while fantasizing about her dude... even if she didn't acknowledge my existence. Lol. Am I wrong?
OK... it's dead. Murdered. Any thoughts of him and I ever being anything more than platonic friends.... over. Done up. She just fed him medicine... I flashed back to the last relationship. I can't take another one of those. I totally get why women just decide to become lesbians. However, why they stay lesbians I'l never understand.
He's still fine though!

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5 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. hey bri , i took ur advice ..mixed the vocals way better on my new joint...u gonna spaz wen u hear the beat , its crazyyyy ..nd my lyrics of course appreciate if you took a quick lisen =]


  2. this was real, real heavy!! and extremely discriptive. It felt like I was able to see everything you said....... People are so busy dreaming the American Dream, fantasizing about what they could be or have a right to be, that they're all asleep at the switch. Consequently we are living in the Age of Human Error.


  3. VIVID, lively, imagination!
    Hey she still don't got nothing on you, so don't trip. Dont let her prevent your imaginery relationship!!! LOL!

    "One monkey dont stop no show"
    According to my Grandma (RIP).

  4. And it's OK to be fine, to think he's fine, to wish he was single...but like I sd on previous post, physical attraction isn't always what's best for us, but that's what we tend to go for. Our "type", if you will. I am at a comfortable point in life where I am confident in me and mines and I have no problems communicating what I want, need and expect. If a man can't stimulate me mentally as well as physically, he's a waste of time. And we (women) can get a wet ass anywhere. Better to have a dude wanting you and wishing he could have you then for him to have you and go home to his girl and all you were was a jumpoff. Not a good look.


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