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6/21/2009 03:23:00 AMBriana Latrise

Quentin is the BIZZ-NASS!!!! Seriously!

He's done so many ill movies! (Google him... if you're still lost.) He acts, writes, directs, produces... can I be your intern Q? Naw... never mind, because if you do me anything like what I personally know Hollywood to be... I'm going to want to get violent. So I'll just appreciate you from afar.

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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Tarantino = GOAT of the movie game.

    Favorites: Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Death Proof.

    "Inglourious Basterds" is gonna be the shit this summer.

    check his boy out Larry Bishop. He did this one joint called "Hell Ride" last year. Joint is ill...and its presented by Tarantino(sign of approval)

  2. He did "Pulp Fiction", right? My little bro's absolute fave movie, close up there w/ "The Goonies" and "Kill Bill", LOL. So maybe it's jst me, but i don't get it. I have tried top watch PF a few times, jst for the Travolta/Sam Jackson factor...I am not a QT fan. I guess I jst don't get his genius like some of y'all do...*sigh*


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