Last Night I Mixed Vodka & Gin... But Tonight...

6/16/2009 05:13:00 AMBriana Latrise

I've decided. I am NOT gon' front on my blog... About who I am, what I do, who I fuck wit etc... If you don't like it... Don't talk to me.

It's 4:47 a.m. Psd. Dead ass. (My boy DJ Val the Vandle got at me about the NY lingo too but I like it: DEAD ASS... Lol.)

I'm drunk as fuck. Still drinkin. Vodka. Straight. Some B.S. Like Grey Goose but the orange flavor or something ugly and sweet. I don't like it but it did what it's sposed to. I like the taste of alcohol. I dinrk all my liquors straight unless I REALLY feel like mixing. If I mix... I add red bull. A certain someone tonight used my drinking preferances as an excuse to stare at my chest proclaiming "you gon have hair on yo' chest by the end of the night."

My response: in my mind::: "Whatever Nigga." Out loud::: *smile* "We'll see."

So anyhoo::: I'm still talking to He Who Shall Remain Nameless for many reasons... Including respect for his own personal life. But yeah... Tonight I had a light weight epiphany:::: I AM ME. I'm gonna always be me. Whether you, the reader, my birth parents, my grandparents (who already know what the business is) or anyone else gets it or gives a fizznukk.
Side Not: my maternal grandmother called me today. I didn"t answer because I was in the middle of someone's birthday party and forgive me but s's lived through so much sometimes I may take it for granted so I figured I would call her back when I became ready to be social. With blood at least.

On the original note: the pretty nigga from one of last week's blog entries... "The most beautiful"... Yeah he's not the same dude I'm talkin to... He's one of the best friends of dude I talk to because while I try not to, I often make it messier than it has to be. Anyhoo, he's disappointed me. I chose to see him as a brother because I befriended his girlfriend one morning in her time of need (she's sick). He's elsewhere... And one of the ditsy girls is elsewhere... That is not to say that they are in the same placeh! Wait... Here she is. Yet and still... My supposed soon-to_be dude asked me for a condom... Supposedly for Mr. Beauty... And I got a little worried. About his chartacter as a man. Ya know? My whole theory is: why be taken when you wanna live single. Just keep it all the way funky with the one you love... If you really love them and it should be all good or it wasn't meant to be at all. Or you could have drama keepin it messy. Whatevz.

I'm drunk as I said so... If I f*ed up this entry with gramatical errors... Understand.

Yeah... I get drunk. Be glad it's not crack. Imma leave it at that and sign off sayin::: "I am Briana Latrise... If you thought you knew me and yet you are still somehow surprised at my actions and reactions... 'You ain't know shit!'"

Andf it's still all love. Just don't feed the animals. Or... Beware of Briana... When she's on one.

I met Kev tonight. He say he from the East (Bay Area stand up!) I fux wit ya boy... But not Ya Boy. Lol.

Side Note::: Pleasure P's album: "Introduction to Marcus Cooper" goez kinda hard. Check it out and tell me what u think. That Z was involuntary but I left it cause it was kinda cute.

Last Note: I took flix tonight!! Had a very, very long day. Posting pics when I wake up. Where EVER that may be.

Trynna sober up so I can see the sun rise on the beach. I better move quick... It's like 512am. Night Lovers & Haterz.

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3 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. I'm following your blog... for the visuals.


  2. "He Who Shall Remain Nameless for many reasons... " is NOT CH. Read back... there's a new dude...

  3. "...why be taken when you wanna live single."

    MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! You know HOW many times I have told this to my male friends? And chicas too. WHY CHEAT?!

    Obviously you're physical attraction doesn't start & stop w/ ONE person...but seriously. If we went around and dealt w/ everyone we found attractive on an intimate level, we'd all be very busy, and all walking AIDS cases.

    A relationship is abt committment. If you can't keep it real, can't be faithful, can't be w/ me and only me...THEN LEAVE ME BE. I can do bad by myself.

    Men are VERY visual creatures and that's PART of their very BIG problem, LOL. We're not built like that. Women are built off of emotion. If I dig you, then I dig your nasty feet which those bitches you staring at don't get to see. I love your bald spot that you cleverly cover w/ a fitted cap. I love your funk ass stinkin' up MY bathroom...go try that shit @ your jumpoff's crib and see how well that works out?

    Men (OK, "people") who cannot be faithful need to be SINGLE. Then you can do you, no one gets hurt. That how-to-be-a-playa shit went out the door w/ Bill Bellamy's azz...FOH


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