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6/22/2009 02:21:00 PMBriana Latrise

Learning... that's what life is when you do it right. It's just a lesson... preparation for Heaven... that's what I believe anyway... And I also feel that Hell is a place you can create for yourself right here on Earth. Deja vu... I feel like I've done this exact thing before... in Idaho... but on my cell phone... One day I promise to get into "Story Time" with the public... I tell you I have great stories form my lifetime and that's no lie. I promise you that.

Anyway... I was in the kitchen and I got into conversation with two women I just met (from LA). One of them, has three children. Her oldest is a 15 yr old female. Her daughter reminds me of myself at 15. That's a scary thought. I care.

I had to let her know that you can't trap your children. Or try to change them. Especially if they have strong personalities already. The only thing you'll ended up doing is losing them because trynna make them be what YOU want them to be is only going to push them away. Then they'll end up like "Us"... "The Lost Kids"... Generation SOS... lol.. seriously.

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