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6/03/2009 01:16:00 PMBriana Latrise


Intuition and VerBS have joined forces and collaborated to create a six song EP called "Buzz." The "Buzz" EP is an raucous upbeat romp through their daily lives filled with humor, emotion, passion, and desire for something more. With an outstanding production lineup (featuring Dibiase, Equalibrum, Alpha MC, Aspect 1 and Fudd Burton), and two razor sharp emcees at the helm, this EP is bound to turn some heads and, dare we say, create a buzz.

Intuition is a rapper, raised in North Pole, AK but now residing in West Los Angeles. A veteran emcee who has been paying dues for years, Intuition created a few waves with his 2007 debut "Stories About Nothing." He has shared the stage with the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Method Man, Murs and countless others. Chances are if you have been to a show in LA in the last five years, you have probably seen him around. This EP will leave you enamored with his scathing wit, and attention to detail while writing songs. His sophomore effort, "Girls Like Me," will be released later this summer and it will be sure to garner some attention. Learn more at www.myspace.com/intuition.

VerBS is a rapper raised in Culver City, CA. A fresh new voice in the West LA hip hop scene, he is one of the co-founders of the ever-growing monthly event "The Spliff." Having toured with Murs (and opening up at the mega hip hop festival Paid Dues) and collaborating with the likes of Murs, Big Pooh, and Knawledge (of Kidz in the Hall) this young up-and-comer is sure to impress you with his extreme creativity. His style is so unique and stream of consciousness you would swear that most of it was created spontaneously in the booth. His first effort, "The Progress EP," is an ever growing collection of songs he's worked on with various collaborators. The presentation of the EP (hand drawn, comic book style liner notes and original 4x6 photographs attached to each copy) is one of the most original things the LA indie rap scene has seen in many years. Learn more at www.myspace.com/verbsisthehomie.

Together the two sound like a team that has been working with each other for years, though they only started this project a few months ago. Please enjoy the EP, available for free download in the link provided below:

Download Mixtape HERE!
Track listing:

1. Hip No Ties (produced by Alpha MC)
2. Touch the Moon (produced by Fudd Burton)
3. What You Make It (produced by Aspect 1)
4. See Us (produced by Equalibrum) [DOWNLOAD SINGLE HERE]
5. Really (produced by Dibiase)
6. Live Write (produced by Alpha MC, featuring Dj MurjOne)

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