My Baby's Doin It!!

6/19/2009 03:42:00 PMBriana Latrise

I'm at my lil cousin/favorite young person's 8th grade graduation. As I sit here watching him complete this year with undoubtedly the BEST ceremony I have ever seen for an 8th grade Culmination... I can help but cry. For so many reasons:::

1. I'm emo.
2. I am so so so very proud of my baby. But more than anything I am proud of his mother. My aunty. She's sitting to my left looking happier and healthier than I have EVER seen her. I am so proud of her for being the best damn single mother ever. She works hard to keep her 6'1 tall beautiful baby boy involved in sports and summer camps and activities to keep him out of trouble. She loves him. She's tough. She's strong. Just beautiful. I am so proud.
3. Because my baby (cousin) cried today. He attempted to tie his tie and had troubles. He grew frustrated and shouted, "it's because I don't have a fucking father!". That hurt. It hurt because I immediately went back to my 8th grade graduation... my family didn't make it either. It just hurt watching it hurt my aunty and her son.

Damn... I really wish men would get it together. Men and women.

Men: care more. Understand what a role you play in your children's lives. We need you to show us to tie our ties, our shoes, and ride bikes and how to not fall for the lies boys will tell girls to get them in bed, etc.

Women: care more. Understand what a role you play in your children's lives. We need you to show us how to nurture and love unconditionally and cook (or at least order take out) how to be, etc.

Just give more of a shit. Or your kids will end up like me with less of a conscience. Do you really want a disrespectful, loud mouthed, violent, bitter, flighty, insecure, sometimey asshole for a child? If not, fix you and show them. Then, they'll respect you more.

Anyway... Let me get back to my baby's graduation.


Dad, if you still read my blog... You should probably call me soon. I feel all sorts of things I haven't forgiven you or your baby mama... (That was rude. Sorry.) My mother for, she's making an effort. What are you doing? I'm telling you now... If I explode... It won't be premeditated. It'll be an act of temporary fuck-it-allness. So call your first born who loves you unconditionally. Who placed you on a high horse for so many years. The years you were too busy- wait what am I saying. My WHOLE F*IN LIFE!!!

Or. You can say fuck it all too. But, you're a Christian...

Crazy what we do to our children by not doin enough.
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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Deep. I was jst Twittin' abt this earlier today, being that today is Father's Day and all.

    I may catch some hell for saying or even thinking this, but I am a firm believer that a boy gotta see a man to be a man.

    Single moms - my sister was one, my mom was one - most of them work hard and do the damn thing. They get the job done. But a little by needs a male influence in his life...whether it be an uncle, a godfather, grandpop...someone! Moms are irreplaceable, but it's not the same.

    So props to your TiTi for raising a smart young man...he's graduating 8th grade. They still have a long road to go, but at this point, she's doing all and what she can.

    I also am a firm believer that parents should NOT stay together for children. Or b/c they have children. My parents didn't, and yours obviously didn't. I was fortunate to have a great step-father in my life. When my mom met him she had 2 young daughters, he was successful, single, no kids...and he took us all as a package. I was 3 when my parents divorced and my sis was almost 2. My mom has been w/ my Padre (what I call my step-dad) since I was like 5. HE is my dad. He is my role model. I'm grateful my mom didn't stay w/ my dad's nut ass b/c he didn't deserve her. And there is hope...there is better out there.

    But back to my point (blame the ganja) - jst b/c said parents do NOT get along, decide to divorce, want to go their separate ways - that's all cool & fine. But that does NOT excuse you frm your parental duties. That does not mean see you on holidays and special occasions...that means the parents have to work extra hard at being parents b/c they're not there to do it together. Steps are cool - mine is, and I got 2 younger siblings out the deal, who I ADORE more than words can say - but nothing can take the place of the love and acceptance you long for frm your natural parents. Nothing.

    And the crazy ish is - I am built like my mom but look JUST LIKE my "Dad", his side of the family. I get mistaken for my Auntie sometimes. And that's cool. Thanks for the green eyes. But how the hell can you live w/ yourself and look yourself in the mirror every day knowing you have offspring out there looking like you, needing you, wondering abt you...yet your life goes on?

    So. Not. Cool. But whatever. Adults are confusing fuckups like the rest of us. And when we become adults (as we are now) we have the voice, the maturity, the ability to say - HEY FUCK YOU! Fuck off. You suck. Etc. And THAT is liberating.

    Keep writing, B.

  2. I REALLY LIKE YOUR BLOGS!!!!!!!!!!They are really good!!!!!!!! especially this one!!! The part that hit my heart the most is when your cousin grew frustrated when he couldn't tie his tie and yelled its because he didnt have a father.... sheeesh!!!!! I almost cried!! smh....

    I didnt have a father figure for majority of my life and he thinks being a father is taking us out to eat and giving us money on occassion.. smh!!! Makes me sick!!! What a fool! I can only pray for the guy and that I DO NOT meet a guy like him.. ughh!!!!! Hopefully guys will change but it seems with this generation its just gettin worse and worse. Lord help us!!!! My mother is a single mother and she sacrificed and struggled to take care of all four of us. I understand how your auntie and cousin feel going through the struggles. Its sooo hard out here especially being a 20 yr old female living in NYC! Just let them know that God will ALWAYS BE with them and NEVER leave their sides. They will be BLESSED!!! You resemble me in some ways in your writing.

    I am not an outspoken person although i wish I had the courage to say things like you do! keep up the good work, and dont listen to what the media has to say. They always wanna twist everything around to make someone a bad person. You seem like an intelligent girl who knows what she wants out in life and will do what she has to do to get it. Stay positive, stay strong and block those haters who are not supporting you.

    Im definitley going to put my friends onto your blogs. They will like it! anyways, I wish you much success on all your future endeavors because i am sure you will be successful in all that you do! Remember to keep GOD FIRST and everything after, all will fall into place. Follow me on twitter NessDiddy16, i would love to stay in touch!! laterrr!! :-)


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