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My insides feel like they're going to fall out of me...

6/24/2009 01:25:00 PMBriana Latrise

My whole fuckin body hurts this morning... or afternoon... whatever.

I NEED TO CHILL THE F* OUT... but I don't know how. I have to now go find all my friends and figure out how to not, NOT show up at the spot because I'm too drunk to drive at 6pm and such. I'm so f*in pathetic it's ridiculous!

I should probably eat more. But HEY!!! On a brighter note... I ran out of cigarettes last night and I do not plan on buying more... that doesn't mean I'm quitting today... that means I'm not buying any.

New Nipsey Hussle DOWNLOAD HERE
Roll the Windows Up Remix ft. Sinatra
(& someone who sounds just like K Young...I could be trippin tho )

or here "tards": http://www.zshare.net/audio/60820781b9a4c61b/

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