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6/02/2009 12:12:00 PMBriana Latrise

I really need to slow down. Apparently I am quick to anger... (I am NOT always violent... that incident was just long overdue). No, really tho. I pre-judged a person (like I'm always askin people to not do me) before I EVER even spoke with him because of who he chose to be friends with, and the kind of girls he chooses to date. I don't know... it's kinda like high school. Like, in HS I could have hung out with the popular kids but they never EVER had anything interesting to talk about... and they always made everyone else feel bad about themselves... so I tried to go kick it with the "outcasts" but some of them just tried to hard to live up to that title... instead I ended up gettin high all the time with a few followers. Then, I just stopped going. That was totally besides the point tho... lol...
ANYHOO::: so this person I pre-judged was around town the other night... He's got like this ill ass baby celebrity status so I wanted to get pics of him for my blog/portfolio... plus I dig his music and all the beezies think he's cute. lol. I went to where I knew he'd be... kinda like a stalker but more like paparazzi. He was totally busy and I didn't get my picture. I got pissed tho when he stopped to talk to Charles Hamilton. It was kinda like, "are you serious? He does nothing for you're career... and you obviously haven't heard the diss tracks..." but then again... after dude hit me up online to tell me he didn't mean to shut me down like that it was just hectic... I was like ok... dude might be cool. I really thought he was just feelin himself way too hard cause he light skinned... *JOKING*.

Let me go get in the shower before I get myself in trouble. And... for those of you inquiring... I AM DONE FEELING SORRY FOR THE BOY. I was taking him food and making sure he was cool while he was out here in LA because I felt bad for him... (somehow he has no money right now... hmmm.... ) But after the crazy ish he pulled the other night I realized it's either me or him. I decided I don't like jail... and I can't handle a California prison so... Imma go ahead and choose my livelihood.

Best of luck to the boy. Hope his career picks up. Well actually... I hope he gets counseling first. The world is not trying to be angry anymore. We need uplifting music... or at least music we can move to. Eminem did all that angry ish already... we need no repeats. That's probably what's wrong with the babies now!!!

Take it how you want....

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3 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. youre more than welcome. but its just the truth love....never been one to front or pad what im tryin to say....all in all you know the talent & beauty you posess...& in todays world a strong woman like yourself who does have major talent & looks can go a long way & really help this ignorant world...@ the same time tho many fear a empowering queen such as yourself.....oh btw youre a LEO!!!

  2. Let me start by saying - I am a fan.
    Through a lot of your recent blogs it seems like you still have a soft spot for "CH". I may be wrong, but it seems like you still in love with the "kid". Reading between the lines you may want to be over him, but you're not.

    Love is a tough. Hang tight.

    "Trouble is part of your life – if you don’t share it, you don’t give the person who loves you a chance to love you enough."

    – Dinah Shore (1916)

  3. T.C. I'm not in love honey... I'm pissed. Justice has not yet been served. But it is what it is... I'm gettin over it... Watch for the new pix... they'll show you just how much fun I'm havin... lol


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