Screw This...

6/29/2009 02:18:00 AMBriana Latrise

I have more to b*tch about!!!

So that same a*hole who did me wrong with the whole BM situation (ha... Bowel movement/baby mama... I think my brain is fried) well his a** did it again!!! I know he told me he didn't like being blogged about... But at the risk of sounding like and potentially even being a freggin immature brat about the situation: I DON'T GIVE A F*CK. how about I don't like being invited to the club, told to meet up wit him at someone else's house and gettin left. WTF is that shit??? How about it's rude as fuck that you do shit like that. Did I leave ur silly ass today when I invited you to my folks BBQ? Nope. I didn't get you a burger, but that's because I noticed you're only comfortable around women and I figured you should probably figure that one out. And you did... Some female you already knew hooked you up. But I could have left you to go to Dj Val the Vandle's gig wit my "FRIENDS" but no. I stayed wit ya. This is the second time you've done me like this. AND your selfish a** had my I.D. on you. I put that stupid f*in dress on for you!! I can't take this. Then when I called you to ask you where u were you said I was stupid I should have moved when I seen niggas move and then acted like you couldn't hear me and hung up in my face. Twice. Ok... So... You tell me, please, please, please, tell me why YOU invited ME then... Why YOU attempted to pick my clothes out and had me waste MY precious time and gas for you to leave me? Please tell me.

Cold game::: I should know you by now. You're the same lame a** n*gg* that left me on the side walk while you hopped on the party bus like "fuck Briana, at least I'm on". I should bitch slap you one GOOD time. I wish I had a reality stick that I could knock the shit into u and myself wit. I'm really trynna figure out why you invite me to these places. The only thing you could possibly want (based on your actions) is sex and you already know that's not gonna happen. YOU KNOW that won't... Or it would have by now. Lol.

I can't stand you right now. At least after blogging this I'll feel better. (Even though right now I wanna choke slam you.)

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  1. "I can't stand you right now. At least after blogging this I'll feel better. (Even though right now I wanna choke slam you.)"

    -"bout it" females are soo sexi


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