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6/04/2009 05:53:00 PMBriana Latrise

I was cold. Now I'm hot. I really need to get up and finish my day but I just sat down and I'm TIRED!

I woke up after that long almost pointless night feeling like I haven't slept at all. (I'm rocking basketball shorts 3x my size, gray tee, and the messiest nasty bun that's kinda leanin' to the right now.... you should know this is one of those "How Did I Get Home" mornings...)

I had to drive to 59th and Western to pick up a friend, then hit the drive thru (nastinisms.... I really need to eat real food), then we drove to HEMET, CA. Hemet. Far...

I was supposed to have been there and back in LA by 2pm to do something for SOMEONE ELSE! However... last night had me moving slow this morning... so I slept in til like 10:40 something... didn't make it to the first friend til almost 12. I don't know HOW that took so long, but it did... got to Hemet just after 1... was dazed and confused because I got this brilliant idea for some concept shots while on the road out there... so I drove the wrong way trippin off how crazy the town looks out there and wasn't back on the road to LA till almost 2... got back here around 3:30 but then I had to be in N. Hollywood... got there and realized it was just some associates trynna be nice (I guess...) and I didn't NEED to be there... but I did NEED to come home and get my freggin head together and get clean after that long dusty arse drive through dairy town. I also have 2 studios to be at tonight... I'm shooting both of them... IF I MAKE IT ON TIME.

Can someone please, at any time just jump in and save me from myself. Seriously...

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