6/14/2009 12:10:00 AMBriana Latrise

This city is really starting to suck again! Seriously. There's this random smell driving me insane!! I can't find the source!!! Then... I wanted to go to a show but had no energy due to the whole starvation thing SO... I decided on a back up plan: the Club. That didn't work because I drive. The traffic was so retarded that I got irritated and came to this deliciously nutritiously deficient fast food joint. I'm starving. The line is long. Everyone in LA is out tonight and I can't seem to find shit to do. There's cigarette ashes ALL over my car. (Long story) it stinks. Flippin weak sauce. That's what this is. Weak Sauce. I'm not ready to go home. It looks like shit there and I don't have then energy to clean it up... I'm probably going to sleep in my car tonight. Near a beach or something. Gay!
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  1. Sleep in your car? Near a beach? Sounds inspiring and beautiful...but kinda scary too. I feel you though - being in a big City w/ some much going on around you, you have the means to go anywhere, do anything, and hang w/ whoever...yet feel so all alone! and actually "bored". WTF?! it's madness, but it gets better :)


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