Too Much Real Shit For One Sitting

6/25/2009 12:08:00 PMBriana Latrise

Weird dream. I dreamt that I found 90 dollars in one of my many over drafted bank accounts and I filled my tank up! Bought some food and then hung out at the gas station. My whole paternal family was there. I was trynna hang out wit my dad but he was saying he needed to make a beat. I told him I had ableton on my laptop (trynna spend time wit him) and he said cool and went right back to his other conversation. I got frustrated and told him I'd like to speak to him alone and he put me on hold. I went out to my car and some random mad was just taking the pump off and handing me my receipt. Somehow I ended up meeting back up wit my family late at some office where they had gotten a bunch of free stuff. I didn't get shit and once again, no one even noticed I had arrived. Damn... I thought I liked this dream until I just wrote it out. I guess all I like is that I had a full tank of gas. I did overdraft tho when I looked at my receipt.

Side note: I woke up or the shoot early... Laid back down and here I am... Waking up late. Whatever. I hope I still get this punk ass change. God knows my tank is on E and I NEED to hit the studio tonight.

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  1. I hate having dreams of a false-reality(dream so close to being reality-like but yet, it is not)


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