6/20/2009 06:17:00 PMBriana Latrise

Seriously... So this nigga I'm supposedly supposed to be talkin to... Just found out the "last" girl he was talking to is expecting his child. Ok... Drama? Not yet. But...

Today, while I'M cleaning the kitchen as HIS friends house (WHEN I DON'T STAY THERE) he tells me that we're gonna keep it like so: whenever she's around he's not gonna be all lovey dovey with me like normal out of "respect" for her. I must look stupid to niggas. Seriously. So... To avoid an argument I say ok... Cause he could be sincere right?

We get to the bbq we planned on going to and there she is. Baby Mama. But- WAIT. Ain't this the same female he was wit the other night when I picked him up and he was holdin her hand and tried to feed me some b.s. Story about he "gotta do what he gotta do to get what he need out here". As I tell this story I feel dumber and dumber. But yeah... That's her. Wait tho- WHY DID SHE GLOW AND SMILE ALL EXTRA BIG AND BRIGHT WHEN HE GREETED HER. AND OH HELL- FAMILY MEMBERS ARE GREEIN HIM.
So yeah, he got me fucked up. Seriously.

#1 I've been pregnant. If you not wit baby daddy... You not greetin him wit a smile that big when he walks up with another female you don't know. Especially one that he's with a lot. You're most likely gon look at him wit some type of disgust... Or something along those lines...

When I left he gon talk about I'M OVER REACTING... I'M TRIPPIN.

NO. OVER REACTING WOULD BE CALLING THE HOMIES AND TELLIN THEM THIS NIGGA TRYNNA PLAY ME. OVER REACTING WOULD BE PULLIN OL' GIRL ASIDE LIKE, "HI! Yes, I'm Briana Latrise. 'The New Bitch.' " Over reacting might even be tellin every body who he is so they know his business... But I ain't say no names. LOL.

I don't even give a fuck. I never meant to talk to this punk ass nigga anyway. I need to start payin attn::: It's always the niggas I don't mean to talk to that end up fuckin up and the niggas I intend to talk to be the worst. So... If I wasn't done wit niggas in general, I would say "I'm open!" To every man I never paid much attn to.

I can't stand people. Somebody help me organize my ideas and talents so I can get paid, blow up like the world trade... Then buy an island so I can get and then, stay away.

Bastards... AND HE HAS A DADDY!!! I don't understand. Maybe I should give a shit more about my appearance. Like, if I wore dresses and heels, and make up, and got a weave... Would that attract a man? Or just a better looking, flyer, wealthier ass hole? Please let me know... Right about now I need that sponsor ship. I can deal w/ some bullshit if you pay me. LMAO. I hate stuff. <-- that's how you know I'm mad. LOL.
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6 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. I have been in a situation like this b4...but the diff was I was pregnant 1st & I was also the cordial and respectful one unlike the other chick. Long story made short you don't need anyone that'll disrespect you in your face or etc....point blank. I'm with you on that I don't dress all THAT girly unless Im going out but check this right.(not saying that ur at ur worst but..If a dude can't accept you @ your worst they don't deserve u @ ur best. word.

  2. Bri,

    Naw ma, I disagree on your point on what women are supposed to do, they are supposed to harbor a relationship between kids and the fathers, most women dont, and thats sad. My own "babymother" is doing excactly that.. Very sad..

  3. side note: you are very beautiful and original... I really dig your style..

  4. ChiAli78 said this about mothers:
    "they are supposed to harbor a relationship between kids and the fathers"
    The baby's not here yet. Not even close. We're talking she just found out like yesterday...
    It's an embryo! It's mostly just hope right now. The first 3 months are rocky... no guarantee. That's why people have that whole superstition about not telling anyone else until after 3 months along.
    So if they're not together... why is he even playing with it?
    I can understand you being there for her... that's what you're supposed to do...

    but you DO NOT take the girl you're currently talking to, to your soon-to-be baby mama (who hasn't and can't prove it's even yours until maybe 8/9 months from now)'s FAMILY BBQ. Like, Grandma, Aunty, Uncle no "homies"... etc.

  5. One word: RUN! Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT fuck w/ this ninja! Here's my long/short story, SAME situation...

    My girl Keta was dealin' w/ this dude "Bunch". One night me & Keta went out and Bunch met us there w/ one of his homies (I'll call him "K"). We all having a good time, I'm getting to knw K b/c we the 3rd & 4th wheel, and he's Jamaican. A real Jamaican from Jamaica, moved to Philly when he was 15, not a fake Jamaican (I hate those "types"). So we vibin' and connecting, we exchange #'s, K starts calling me. We start hanging out. We're blowin' green, watching movies 2gether, chillin', nothing intimate...jst kickin' it. And I was feeling dude...and he was def feeling me.

    One day I'm at work and he calls me at my desk. He says I have something to tell you C. This is months after knowing and chillin' w/ him. He says his ex girl, "the 'last' girl he was talking to" is knocked and he gotta go to Florida for the birth of his daughter.

    Pump brakes. I'm like WTF?! You've known this ALL this time and you're jst NOW telling me? Meanwhile, he got a good job here in Philly, his mom and his life is here (besides fam in Jamaica), he is his mother's ONLY child...he goes to FL.

    Then he calls me and tells me he's staying out there to "make it work".

    We kept in touch via email, MySpace, etc. BM sees us communicating on MySpace and demands he delete his page, demands he UNfriend me, etc. 1st of all BISH - I could've been fuckin' your BD. I could've cared less abt your situation and kept him here in Philly. I TRIED to have respect for the fact he was abt to have a baby w/ your nut ass! I never saw her, met her, nada. But when she confronted him he was honest w/ her abt our "friendship" and how "crazy attracted" he was to me - HIS words to HER - and basically put it to her that if she wasn't pregnant he's be w/ ME.

    I was too through after that. I kept my contact and my affections and my emotional attachment for K to a very minimal after this drama.

    They dated in HS, she's from Philly, she went to FL for college, came home on break, he smashed, she went back to school, she calls him & tells him she's pregnant, he goes to FL when baby abt to be born. But doesn't tell me until then.

  6. Fast forward 2 years after this I happen to be going to FL w/ my sister and 2 nieces to visit family. I happen to be going to Tampa where K lives now. K and I kept touch, but hadn't seen eachother face-to-face in years. We hooked up in Tampa. We got to hang out like old times. It was cool to go to a strange place and see a familiar face. We had a good time.

    I get back to PA and I get a phone call frm a random FL #. It was BM. She's asking why was her HUSBAND calling me, blah blah blah. She proceeds to tell me they now have 2 daughters and had JUST GOT MARRIED. One month before I visited FL...although he knew for at least 2 months prior that I was coming. Do you think he told me in one of our convos or emails, hey, I'm getting married this summer? Me and BM getting hitched? Hell to the NO.

    Fast forward years later - he is still in FL. They are still married. They have those 2 daughters, and not even a month ago she gave birth to twins - a boy & a girl. Who is his 1st "friend" in PA he calls? Me.

    I wanted to die. How did one mistake kid turn into 4 and marriage?! Ninjas ain't shit. I wanted to fake happiness for him, but bottom line is he played the shit outta me when he didn't have to. He could've been honest & upfront from jump.

    We still talk occasionally, everytime I hear Sean Paul say "Sing fi dem baby" I think of him...but it could have never been. And obviously was not MEANT to be. He's where he is and doing what he has to do out of obligation...NOT love.

    He tells me at least once a month how I am the "one that got away". He loves me and I didn't have to marry him, fuck him or have twins to earn that. Yeah, love is earned...and I love him back. But it could never and would never be.

    Drop that zero and get you a hero, B. And you don't have to change you, how you look or dress...the right man will accept you for who you are and love you jst like that. That counts.


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