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When Ur Not Looking... YOU GET BITCH SLAPPED!

6/11/2009 02:25:00 PMBriana Latrise

Ok... didn;t I JUST GO THRU THIS::: Met some dude... he talked his way in and then it all went left and spoiled. So...

Here I am again... minding my own business. I was supposed to be writing a song to get over these past few weeks... but for some reason I just couldn't focus... and there he was. Entertaining me. Making me smile... after a drink... there I was... completely aroused fighting to suppress it. The task grew more and more complicated as the night progressed. The vibe is there. It's just TOO good... which is all bad. I've let this boy CH f* it up for everyone.

As much as I would LOVE to get to know this dude... I'm afraid to. All I keep thinking is: "Here we go again." or "What's he going to use me for?" or... "Why me? What about that pretty girl over there. She looks like your type." & "Please, let me not be an experimental thing for you that seems interesting... that shit usually turns for the worst."

What am I supposed to do here? I keep telling myself to stop trippin... it's really not that serious but then... the other side of me jumps in like... YES THE HELL IT IS! He's attractive/witty/intelligent/funny... he gets girls... there's a pole @ his house... all of these things are excellent qualities. But... WTF. My brain hurts.

Carolyn... don't hate me... but I probably won't make it to Moreno Valley wit you... I don't want to wake up at 12. I want to dream about this man since it's looking like I won't be callin him.

I know what it is: He just wants to hit it. No bueno. Kinda sux... but at the same time... it's nothing new. I swear... if I was a boy...

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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. "I know what it is: He just wants to hit it. No bueno. Kinda sux..."

    -...don't do that.
    What bases do I have to say anything...

    Cause like ol'boy I took an L based on another nigga's previous actions that was never my own. Sometimes the only way to learn IS THE HARDWAY. But at least you know of the results instead of the "what if" factor.

    " What about that pretty girl over there. She looks like your type."

    ...deciding "type" on the source of looks....number one reason to my epic-fails of the last few relationships.

    Pardon me for probing. Running away from my issues by reading yours if that makes any sense.

  2. WHO you tellin'?! Ciara's "Like A Boy" was my theme song for a very long time, lol.

    But we're not. We're held to higher standards. We're whores while they're playas. Wannabe ones anyways, lol.

    My mama and Foxy Brown told me - "In order to find your price you may have to kiss some toads..."

    Keep that in mind. Don't let one dude ruin it for the next man, but learn from your mistakes and don't repeat them...otherwise you're the fool. Not him/them. Be smart B.


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