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Wow... Old Pics & Ex Boyfriends

6/30/2009 01:09:00 AMBriana Latrise

We really thought... or "KNEW" we were in love. Ha... where is he now? lol...

Speaking of ex boyfriends... I ran into a completely different ex "lover" the other afternoon... wait tho: I call him an ex "lover" because the bastard and I stopped dating/talking/fornicating for a while after he decided he didn't want to claim me as his girlfriend one day... I had to peace out on that situation real fast... (he claims I still owe him some money... lol... N*gga PLEASE!!!)

Anyhoo, seeing as how we hadn't talked in some years I decided to show him mad love. Figured it would be the "right thing". My problem is... after about an hour and a few beers... he's trynna get right back in it. Once again: "N*gga PLEASE!!!!"... lmao... I still got love for him tho.

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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. i swore to myself that i'd NEVA date another man with a ponytail. ditto for geminis, dudes that live with their mamas, professional "rappers" (u know, the broke dudes that sleep and smoke weed all day) or pathelogical liars. actually the list is a lot longer than this, but i don't feel like typing all day. lol

  2. Ugh, YEAH...NEVER backtrack. Keep moving forward but OK to "stop & speak". Nice blog post ;)


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