The 1 That Got Away...

7/06/2009 09:36:00 PMBriana Latrise

Fuck me right? U wanna talk about a life lesson???

I met this boy some years ago and we instantly became inseparable. While I wasn't looking at him as though I wanted to be with him, a part of me knew that someday I'd want/possibly need to be with him.

I took for granted the fact that he was always there. I'd leave town and say I was staying there, or run off wit some loser love interest and every time I came home... He was right there.

Last time I left, I ran off w/ CH. I told the boy I was gone and expecting. When things when bad, he was the one to pick me up from the airport. Two weeks later he tells me his girlfriend is pregnant. Now, normally, he'd have a girlfriend and I would just dislike her knowing she wasn't the one for him and them loser ladies always proved me right some way, somehow. This time--- I like her. She's good to him. And he's in love. She's already showing.

I really fucked that one up. I thought I could just wait til we were older. More mature. Mainly so I wouldn't hurt him.

Guess he couldn't wait.

My f*in chest hurts. This is gay.
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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. It's SO NOT "gay". That's raw. But maybe he is better playing the position he is in? B/c once you cross that "friends" line, there's no turning back. And don't it always "be that way" - not jst sometimes? But ALL the time? I had a dude tell me not too long ago that I was "the one who got away" and I actually twitted abt names, of course, but he's not on Twitter any damn way. But he now has 4 kids and when I met him he had none (all to same woman). This last kid turned out to be twins. So now he has his son. 3 girls and a son. She gave him what I could not and would not risk my future for...and more power to her. I am the "one who got away"...lucky me!?


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