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7/07/2009 09:34:00 AMBriana Latrise

Rihanna's Side Gig Cost Frenzy
As if she hasn't been through enough already, Rihanna may be facing fines after innocently tattooing three willing fans at Eastside Ink in New York. Sources say the fans each received an umbrella tattoo and the letter R, but since the pop singer does not have a tattoo license, her side gig as a tattoo artists is considered illegal. New York officials said if Rihanna is convicted, she faces three separate fines up to $100o each and the tattoo parlor could face charges and considerable fines.

:::SO is that what it is now? We can just do whatever we want???? Oh wait... NOPE! Dumbass... You're famous... can't do shit you'll get caught for when everyone knows you, retard... (Is that why I'm so broke? LOL...)

I'm in love with "Does She Know" by Trey Songz...
almost wanna be "her"... (Just because of the song...)
Why couldn't he be a real person??? DAMN!!!! Nothing is as good as it seems... EVER!


He's way cuter in person...
Why is he not as photogenic as I feel he should be?

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  1. He got that 5 Heartbeats look in these flics, in most of his flics...but definitely dig his voice & his music. that song "Last Time"?! My life story w/ Mr. X He jst couldnt get to the last time to make it the last time...fucker.


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