Crazy Ladies...

7/30/2009 11:36:00 AMBriana Latrise

"When Keepin it 'Real' Goes Wrong":

This chick got checked like 4 times last night... by 4 different people.
I went way out of my way picked her up out of the kindness of my heart... (really as a favor to the home girl) and it was all bad from the moment I left the studio. So I call the girl to get her address... she doesn't answer. She finally calls me back after like 12 minutes and says she's on 37th and Normandie and she doesn't know the address. So... as I'm driving, I'm trynna cut the convo short so as NOT to break the law (or really because I'm still slappin Ya Boy's Mohawks and Heavy Metal Mixtape and I don't like talkin on the phone much... contrary to popular belief...)
Anyway, she asks me how long she has to get dressed. I look up at the clock, it's like 8:40 (barely) and tell her she has like 15 minutes... I figured I would give her some time. So, now I'm a little irritated because she needs to get dressed to go to the studio. Y? I had on basketball shorts, a wife beater and some chucks... get over yourself. Damn... but to each his own right? I guess....
So I go down to 43rd and Crenshaw to kick it wit Mickey and the boys for a sec giving the girl time to get ready...

U know how you already have something pictured in ur mind??? Like how a situation is supposed to unfold??? Well this shit went so far left so damn fast... She calls, I head her way. I take Vernon down to Vermont (I don't do the Norm & Die street like that so I passed it on accident... but I went straight up to 37th... called her and asked her if I made a right or a left coming from the freeway. She said which freeway... I'm thinking to myself, "Is she serious..." There's only one damn freeway you can get off of that's close to there. I wanted to say some smart ass shit like "I took I-85..." U know.. some shit no where near LA...

Moving on::: So she tells me to make a right on 37th after like 3 minutes of me explaining how the city is set up and what not for her slow ass. She tells me she's at the end of the block. I go there... TERRIBLE NEIGHBORHOOD to just be circling. So I get irritated and I call her again. The bitch is standing on Normandie... ON THE LEFT SIDE... Y did she tell me to make a right? Better yet Y did she tell me to turn at all if she ON NORMANDIE?????

Whatever... anyway... I finally pick her up and she has 2 extra ppl wit her. Fine. Whatever. As soon as she hops in my car she's loud and annoying. ANNOYING! So I turn the music up and drown her ass out. We get back to the studio and she starts drinking a whole LOT! A LOT! Long story short... she was doin too much for attention. She tried to get in my face... now my hand hurts and I can't make a proper fist. I DID NOT HIT HER... I did choke her a little bit tho. Damn... If you can't hold ur liquor DON'T DRINK! You might end up fucked up and stuck up somewhere with no way home. Dumb biyotch. I was kind enough to take her old drunk self home tho... only cause God would have been upset if I didn't... (& I want her brother).

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