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Deal with No Deal... B/A & Yung Nate

7/09/2009 02:29:00 PMBriana Latrise



Deal with No Deal provides insight on B/A and Yung Nate via their music and real life lyricism. Also, since they undergo different struggles as unsigned artist and in life; it is likewise they do not adapt to one solid genre of music. Its through a combination of style and originality they provide their own unique sound as seen in the previous releases of 2DopeBoyz Intro, Ride Out (On it), MegaStar, and Never Get Me (the latter three being released in the weeks to come).

You can catch the trailer which provides you with insight on the Deal with No Deal Series

Deal with No Deal website COMING SOON!!! And First Episode From Deal With No Deal Series!!!

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  1. i fucks with this man ever since i heard him on The Pink Lavalamp .. good looks on this


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