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7/18/2009 06:14:00 AMBriana Latrise

So... I'm really annoyed with self!

I left my boy's little gathering to hit up the Birthday Sex Boy's Bday Bash right... took a few flix (Had to fight my way to the stage to get them... as usual at Element... I'm really sick of these clubs ... actually, just the people that attend them...) but I get back to my boy's crib to finish up there and I ended up leaving my camera! WHY?????


This is sooooo stupid! I did pretty freggin good tonight considering some females were throwin elbows really trynna be seen and chosen by this cat. A fight broke out too... Hi-Larious... I didn't see much. Just felt a mosh pit behind me so I turned to face it in order to protect my camera and the back of my head... all I saw was the usual assortment of "After the Fact Ass Random Niggas" being loud and drunk. Then, I turn to the stage just in time to catch a nigga bleeding from his head. I head towards the back to find my home girls and sure enough, there's broken glass on the floor. I almost feel bad for dude but... then again... how did u get head cracked on stage but the fight broke out behind me in the audience? Did u do the dumb Super Nigga move and Trey Songz yo ass off the stage into the crowd? Got a reality check didn't ya? If not, you will in the a.m. when you're head is still throbbin... that's if you don't need stitches.

Anyhoo::: Stay tuned for the pictures. The rest of my night was dope though...

Shouts out to Excel and Say Huy (Hope I spelled it right. If not, it's your fault. Keep it simple.)

And BIG BIG BIG ups to : Joe Fresh, Rawli, Reno, Taylor, Razz, and everyone else at the Social last night/this morning... and always my girls Jade and Danielle.... (Destiny: F* what you goin through. Bastard. And no LOLs over here right now, you punk rock beezy!)

Lastly, I got some breakfast at 5am over at Kitchen 24... I must say: I AM NOT IMPRESSED. How hard is it to scramble some eggs with cheddar and make some damn hash browns? I been doin that on my own since I was like 7. Are you serious??? I'm start tellin the punk ass POSH restaurants that I want my meals "Cajun"... maybe then it'll come back well done.. WTF.

All in all... I had a good night. I didn't get hit. (And I didn't act a fool when that female wanted to act funny and talk crazy with her sweaty drunk ass... I just kept thinking "eww biyotch! You're sweaty. I'll let that shit slide because you're drunk and I'm busy with something more fulfilling heffer..."

Going to bed when I finish these runny ass eggs wit my hungry ass...

OH!!! P.S.
So someone called me today and was like "Ya girl Raven Symone had a baby wit a gay dude!!!"

I'm like... sounds like it could be true. So I google it and of course has their story on it...
So I call a source close to her and mention it... not to be nosy... more so because- ok yeah... fuck it. I guess to be nosy. Source says it's not true. That the baby's a relative... hmmm.... baby looks like her though... could be cause she's pale... WHATEVER... Could be her baby. I know one thing though... should I ever be blessed again with a child... I won't hide it. (Not saying she is.)

I don't care anyway. It's Raven Symone. She can do whatever she wants wit her "Imma disappear for three months and change my phone numbers on niggas" ass. I mean I disappear... but somebody knows somebody that knows somebody that ran into me or who knows where I'm at. (Juicy... you like the attention girl... don't front.)

I do wanna know where these Bossip and gossip people got this picture from though. (And why they titled it "Raven-seed" LMAO!!!!)
So sick of Hollywood.

*Briana Latrise*

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