Fire House... (That used to be the place to go in Hollywood by the way)

7/23/2009 02:41:00 PMBriana Latrise

Aight... Saddest story I've heard since yesterday. This young man hits me on twitter today and tells me his house burnt down a couple days ago. Check his song out so you can find out how.

"Where There's a Spark There's a Flame"

I laughed. It's not at all funny... but I'm an asshole. I laugh at sad things... Fish... Fire... Funny...

I'm sorry hunny bun. I only laughed a little bit. Please tell me you had insurance... ???

On a more serious note::: Understand that when things that seem terrible happen... they may just be making space for bigger and better blessings. Those bigger and better blessings may come in any form... know that too. They could be life lessons, they could be a bigger home, anything. Peace and blessings to you hun and I hope that you get your home situation all fixed up soon. And... at the risk of sounding like an even bigger asshole: Maybe take a cooking class or two. Ya know? Get a safety first deep fryer... or google frying lessons. All good. Humor heals... so laugh about it and keep it moving.


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