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7/10/2009 06:00:00 AMBriana Latrise

I'm wondering if I should take this "quiz" again when I wake up... maybe after I've eaten... just to see if I pick the same things... this sounds like me tho...


The following form submission was sent.
subject: Are You a Scatterbrain?
Here are your selections: See below for the interpretations:
1: A
2: Z
3: D
4: Z
5: C
6: X
7: D
8: Z
9: D
10: W

What your answers mean:: The most logical interpretations of these proverbs are the 'C' and 'Z' choices. If you scored 7 out of 10 you are normal in your perception, in your ability to interpret subtleties of speech and thought. 8 out of 10 means you are sharper in comprehension than most. 9 out of 10 indicates that you have an exceptional grasp of ideas. 10 out of 10? You're a philosopher! Answers 'A' and 'Y' are likely to appeal to the practical-minded person. If you clicked one 'A' or 'Y' there's a hint of a practical streak in your nature. Two such answers indicate a distinctly practical outlook, and three mean that practicality is your outstanding characteristic. More than three suggest that you carry a practical- mindedness to an extreme which might mar your enjoyment of life. Answers 'B' and 'W' are scatterbrain choices. They appeal to the person who cannot or will not concentrate and whose mind flits from one idea to another. One 'B' or 'W' answer does not mean much but if you picked two, it hints you have a frivolous streak. Three such answers would be a certain indication of scatterbrainedness. Four or more and you'd better think seriously of drastically disciplining your mind. Answers 'D' and 'X' are the choices of a person dominated by concepts of good and evil. Such a person is likely to judge others on the terms of his/her own rigid moral principles. On this test he/she can easily be attracted to an inaccurate answer merely because it seems like a noble sentiment. If you picked one 'D' or 'X' you probably have a sound moral streak in your character. If you picked two you may be a little more righteous than necessary. Three 'D' or 'X' answers could be a warning to loosen up a little, lest you make your friends uncomfortable. Four or more such answers hint that you may need spiritual advice, for even righteousness can be carried to excess.

I wanna stare at Trey Songz up close and personal... w/out him knowing I'm in the room though... He annoys me when he's in public.

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