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7/15/2009 05:01:00 PMBriana Latrise

I'm growing extremely upset with Hollywood. In the bay they call LA "La La Land" due to the clueless bastards that migrate here and the even more f*ed up children bred here... I agree. I would HATE to be a celebrity kid...


Moving right along:::
The world is fucked. Plain and simple. I was having lunch on Sunset today... [which goes against a lot that I say about Hollywood and it's occupants and/or tourists (but it was w/ a friend and free.99 and oh! so delicious... can't get that on Crenshaw)]. While at lunch... I met some guy... we'll call him No Name.. since I can't remember... no idea what he does... probably nothingNESS since he was having lunch at 2pm on Sunset... and his glasses weren't top notch. Anyhoo::: I looked at him... then at the pale fake breasts across from me and almost lost my appetite till my second Manhattan showed up... heavy on the Crown Royal. (Forgot the point of this... I'm still tipsy... I have 16 ounces of that drink. 6 of which on an empty stomach.) So...

MAIN POINT: Hollywood is really plastic. Not cute. Just fake.

"All you can be is just you, cause you're real not the plastic type.
But reality sets in, you're stuck in this plastic life.
Why the tears?
We're all here or you.
But I know how you feel,
I know how you feel,
And I don't care..."

That's how I feel about everything out here right now!


If I broke out... where would I end up? Like if I really REALLY said fuck everyone and everything as I know it now... and went off on the hippy mission I have always dreamed of... WHAT WOULD HAPPEN??? The sad part is... I don't think I care. I know I as a person would still be alright. It's MY life and I'd be living it somewhat happier than I am now TRYING to please people I care about... but what would those people do if I disappeared again? Would they flip out and never speak to me again? Should I care? I really... REALLY... REALLY wanna get away. It's suntime (summer) and I want to LIVE in it. LIVE! Learn new things... see new things... meet new people... take pictures of new faces... I want to drive aross this land again. I promise you... if I had a horse... we'd have been out already. Long ago.. I'm sure we would have made it to Egypt by now.. Shit... me and "Tree Blossom" (my imaginary horse) would have probably circled the world between 16 and now. By 25 I'd be a highly appreciated philosophical genius... in the old days... lol


I want to drive to each state... I've wanted to do this since I stopped doing drugs faithfully...

In each state... I will stop and take photographs and paint and write poetry and music... I will find fellow free spirits and we will bond artistically... (steal this idea if you want to but YOU WILL FAIL!)

I've done it before... but I wasn't able to stay and create and I didn't touch each state. I was on a mission from Idaho to New York because I missed my father (@kenduisaacs) but my trip got held up in Omaha, NE... long story... wait for the book. SHORT EXCERPT::: In Lincoln, NE I stopped at a Walmart to charge up our phones since our car charger was non-existent and I met a nice woman... her name escapes me (I have met many, many, many people in my adventures and to remember all of you would make me more than human... I believe)... she had her niece pick us up and take us to her favorite Mexican restaurant to eat. Then she allowed us to go to her home... she made us tacos and kool-aid and let us sleep on her couch... (there were 3 of us... it was a very long couch) She was a very beautiful woman (don't remember what she looks like either... but I'll remember her hugs any day). Long story short... those are the type of moments I appreciate most: People doing for others when they absolutely DO NOT have to... and when they don't even always have the means to... reminds me of a biblical story I refuse to attempt to quote for fear of gettin it wrong and I'm too lazy to look for my Bible... My room is in shambles since New York and I refuse to clean it. Not sure who or what I'm rebelling against these days... Rebel Without A Cause? No... I just can't verbally express what I am rebelling against just yet. Stay tuned...

Side Note::::

Any time you're down for the Tour de Wasteland in search of Love (it's not hard to find... just often hard to understand) I'm down... but I need back ground checks these days. This isn't the good old days when I could meet you while you were purchasing a bag a weed and you ask if I can read a map... ya dig. It's 2010... my apocalypse... and I feel like I'm in Babylon... so ... You better know me or someone that knows me that I respect so they can vouch for you. Ya dig?
Then... we meet... and in 5 minutes I'll tell you whether we can take a month long road trip. Oh yeah... it's not gonna be quick... at all. (Oh! And... we're panhandling and washing dishes unless you're rich or you can find a sponsor... it's for the betterment of society... you know? Work it out... lol)

And to all the haters that said stupiness about me being stupid... HAHAHAHA... I love you too.

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