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I wanna upload Jesse Boykins' pics but I have a crush on him... and I'm intimidated... He's a nice/good/charming young man

7/10/2009 05:11:00 AMBriana Latrise

*****I think He's still disappointed in me*****


I'm home... walked in around 5am. I feel like the worst person in the world too...

I told my baby sister I'd be home late and she said she'd be up. I'm not too used to them being here (which is NOT a good excuse, should we be allowed excuses anyway...) and basically I forgot. I'm so used to my bullshit... I forgot about my babies. I knew my brother would be sleep... he's always first to bed... lol. Damn... I love them kids. I really wish I was a better person... then I'd allow myself to TRY to be in their lives more... so they could bless my days more.


That's the word that just came to mind while thinking of "my babies" (my little brothers and sister). I call them my babies because I used to watch a lot of Maury and Ricki Lake... oh!!! & Jenny Jones... can't forget her. I once heard something in her theme song that made me think of my dad... either because he worked on it... or someone he knew did it... can't remember.. don't care... I almost forgot my point.... I watched the teenage wanna-be-baby-mamas mostly... and --- actually that might not have anything to do with anything... IDK... they're just my babies. I love them.. If they were your babies and they were that beautiful... I'd probably call them my babies too. I adopt people... without permission... and whether they like it or not.

My sister was awake when I got home. Downloading desktops for her laptop. She's me at that age. That's probably why I don't want to be around her. I love her.

...lol... she's still up. it's 5:20... damn that's me at her age. Scary... only because of who I am... better yet, who I was between then and now... and only God knows what I'm about to be... I guess that's what's really scary...

OK.... SIDE BAR:::

DO THE FREGGIN' PAPER BOYS ALWAYS HAVE TO BE THAT LOUD????? I could understand if it was just once in a while... maybe even once a week... BUT EVERY TIME I HERE AND AWAKE when they come... I hear them. And....

they're late.

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