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7/07/2009 09:09:00 AMBriana Latrise

but what the hell is new?

I don't feel like puttin these photos on a disc... at all. I'd rather just email them. I'm irritated because I NEVER email them and now someone actually WANTS a disc. I really wish animals could pay me. I feel like I'd have better luck... but then again... maybe not. Animals aren't too vain, or concerned about money... just survival. Maybe I should move to the bush or the congo for a while. OK... when it's not so hot. IDK... fuck.

Side note: I actually sat down long enough to clean my room. UUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Fuck... I really do NOT like people. They always end up disappointing... WTF. Why am I so hard to please? Matter of fact... PLEASE don't answer that. I'm tired of people answering questions that I ask myself... and I'M REALLY ANNOYED WITH PEOPLE SENDING ME EMAILS ABOUT MY BLOG. THAT'S WTF THE COMMENT SECTION IS FOR!!!!! LEAVE MY GMAIL ALONE... PLEASE. WHILE I DO APPRECIATE STRANGERS OFFERING A SHOULDER TO LEAN ON AND A EAR FOR ME TO CRY OUT TO.... THAT'S WHAT THIS BLOG IS. PLEASE GET THAT OR I'M GOING TO START TO BELIEVE THAT SOCIETY IS TRUELY MUCH MORE FUCKED OFF THAN I HAD ORIGINALLY CALCULATED.

Someone told me today that as soon as I believe in my talents everyone else will or something like that (excuse my attitude this week please.... extra bitchy... PMS/Full moons/lack of food/Leo tendancies). That's all well and good... one of my moms actually said something like that too... Problem::: I believe I'm talented... broke ass niggas can't pay what I feel I'm worth... So my boy's response to that was::: Change the people you surround yourself with::: Now that's where I get stuck.
That would mean that I stop talking to EVERYONE I fuck wit. EVERYONE....

Maybe I should move. People only appreciate me when I don't come around. WTF is that?

Moving on...

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1 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. DISAPPOINTMENT is THEE worst emotion a person can experience. Real talk. Worse than betrayal and infidelity...nothing like a LET DOWN in something/someone you truly believed in. Sad & sucks.

    I know exactly how you feel too abt ppl appreciating and respecting your time. Makes you take a good look around your circle and think hmmmm....who can I live WITHOUT! Fucking vultures.


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