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Independence Day...

7/05/2009 12:01:00 PMBriana Latrise

yeah. I was drunk... as usual. Had fun last night though. I rounded up the troops and we went OUT. I had on another DRESS... I liked it tho... my hair was braided up all pretty (but my aunt still said I looked ghetto... "hi hater" lol). We had fun. We didn't do too much of shit but we had fun... Skeme and Hope and El Prez & Dnez (my twin) performed last night... loved it... My camera is having a hard time surviving right now so I shot wit Julien's. Which means I might not get the pics.

oh! STOP RUSHING ME WITH PICTURES> If I shot some of you and they're not up... that means you didn't pay for them and they're not a priority to me. Deal wit it. You rush me and they'll get "lost" real fast.

I'm running out of things to say about life... other than I'm doing better... "he" still disgusts me and I LOVE MY GIRLS!!!

Jade, Danielle, Selena... there's a few more of you biyotchez but "them is my mains."

Ladies::: WE GOT ROGER!!!!!!!!

I'm following you.


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2 Haterismz & Comments here

  1. Don't you love it when you're the ONLY one brave enough and cares enough to lug a camera around ALL nite when it's so much more convenient to be the flick'ee rather than the flick'er...yet NEXT day every1 coming @ your neck like you owe them something b/c you was only 1 w/ camera and they want some for their FB or whatnot?! Yeah? Me too.

    As far as the McNair thing...I was actually gonna blog about this - not him or her, but suicide...jst b/c it's personal and's relevant...this is being talked abt (alas, and JOKED ABT - so NOT funny!) all over the net - blogs, Twitter, etc. But I am holding off...jst the word suicide puts me in a place. I'm still thinking on this one...


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