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7/28/2009 08:04:00 AMBriana Latrise

I love Estelle. For more than just her twitter stating that Rhianna doesn't do it for her either. *sigh* I'm so happy that there are still sane people here on earth. Anyhoo...

I wanna know why Gossip sites are so f*in popular. Do people NOT have their own lives to live? Seriously... like, if I talked about shit like this:

all day would I be popular? lol... All b.s. aside.. I think my mother told me somethin' bout girls like K.K. when I was little. She said and I quote "Their mothers teach them that at a young age." She was explaining to me that it was highly unlikely I would marry a black man. ha. Maybe that's why I'm so awnry now... (y isn't that word in the dictionary? I know it's a word... it has to be... lol.) I probably lost all hopes of marrying at a very young age so I became "the home girl" with no gay-dar and that's how I ended up dating a homosexual. (I thought that was Hi-Larious right there... I'll bet he found it funny too wit his pansy ass...lol) Moving on... I'm not mad at her... if that's what you want, go get it... just know what comes with the territory... AND I will admit... I'm a little upset that black women get last pick at all the "decent" brothers these days. JUST MY OPINION!!!


I feel the need to tell my brothers this:

Do NOT fall at the feet of a woman... You fall at the feet of Jesus. He will lift you up... she'll probably get you arrested, shot, robbed (even if only by her and the baby she suddenly got pregnant with cause you DON'T PAY ATTN WHEN UR LITTLE HEAD GETS HARD!), or caught up in so many other ways. All my home boys get caught up with females.
1. Ex BF - got shot riding with some female on the East Side.
2. Ex BF - gets a girl prego cause she told him she couldn't get prego due to cancer... now he's locked up... DRAMA
3 Homeboy - homeless... girl took everything... I don't even care to tell you his story... it's that sad.


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